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How To Earn Diamonds with Magic Eden Rewards
How To Earn Diamonds with Magic Eden Rewards

Embark on a journey of rewards and discover the secrets of Diamond earning at Magic Eden

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As a testament to our commitment to making NFTs universally accessible, we proudly introduce Magic Eden Rewards – a cross-chain program designed to reward everyone in the community, including collectors, traders, and creators alike.

In this guide, we'll delve into how you can earn Diamonds.

Earning Diamonds: A comprehensive guide

Everyday, there is a set number of Diamonds that are released. This means that on high traffic days, everyone’s Diamond earning will be on average a little lower. On lower traffic days, everyone’s Diamond earning will be a little higher. This is our way of making sure the program remains sustainable and at the same time, fair for everyone.

This means that certain actions do not ever yield a set amount of Diamonds, as the amount fluctuates based on the collective actions that others are taking on the platform around the same time. With that being said, please find more information about how to earn Diamonds below!

Diamonds are a measure of your usage of the products and protocols developed by Magic Eden. Diamonds are not transferable and highly recommended to not buy or sell Diamond balances on secondary markets.

Buying on Magic Eden

While most rewards programs only reward people who list, we know that having a strong ecosystem means that people who buy NFTs should also receive rewards. Explore the different ways you can earn Diamonds by buying NFTs on Magic Eden below.

  • Only Magic Eden listings will earn Diamonds: Your journey to amassing Diamonds begins with purchases exclusively made on Magic Eden. Ensure that the item is listed directly on our platform, not aggregated from other marketplaces. For guidance on finding Magic Eden native listings, refer to our dedicated Help Center Article.

  • Earn more Diamonds for purchases of trending collections: Stay ahead by earning additional Diamonds when purchasing items from trending collections on Magic Eden. Immerse yourself in the latest trends to boost your Diamond collection.

  • Larger purchases earn more Diamonds: Witness the magic of your Diamonds growing with larger purchases.

  • Single purchases and AMMs both earn Diamonds: Whether you make a single purchase or engage in Automated Market Maker (AMM) transactions, Diamonds will be part of your enchanting journey.

  • Lucky Buy: Lucky Buy attempts that don't result in an NFT will also earn you Diamonds! Learn more about Lucky Buy here.

At Magic Eden, buyers earn Diamonds with each purchase, enjoying a rewarding advantage over sellers. While other platforms may prioritize listing, Magic Eden ensures that buyers benefit significantly, increasing their Diamond holdings.

Listing and selling on Magic Eden

Earning Diamonds through listing and selling on Magic Eden:

  • Only items listed on Magic Eden will earn Diamonds: Listing your digital collectables exclusively on Magic Eden is the key to unlocking Diamonds with each potential sale.

  • The more likely the item is to sell, the more Diamonds you will earn: List close to the floor to increase your chances of earning more Diamonds with each sale. Please note that undercutting the floor will not earn you incrementally more diamonds.

  • Earn more for listing trending collections: Listing hot collections will lead to a boost in your Diamond earnings.

  • Single listings and AMMs all earn Diamonds: Whether you engage in single listings or AMM transactions, Diamonds will accompany your items on their journey.

  • Once an item sells, it will stop earning Diamonds: As your item finds a new home, its Diamond-earning adventure concludes.

Making offers on Magic Eden:

Discover the art of Diamond accumulation through strategic offers on Magic Eden.

  • Only offers on Magic Eden will earn Diamonds: Every offer made on Magic Eden adds Diamonds to your collection.

  • Offers earn Diamonds: Offers you make on items within the top 100 NFT collections, based on daily volume on Magic Eden is an opportunity to accumulate Diamonds.

  • Making offers closer to the floor will earn more Diamonds: Strategize your offers by setting them closer to the floor for additional rewards. Offers undercutting the floor will not make incrementally more Diamonds.

  • Earn more for making offers on trending collections: Increase your Diamond accumulation by making offers on trending collections. Dive into the latest trends with your strategic offers for a more rewarding experience on Magic Eden.

  • If your offer is accepted, it will stop earning Diamonds: If your offer is accepted, its Diamond-earning journey concludes.

Bonuses that elevate your Diamond journey

Enhance your Diamond journey with exclusive bonuses on Magic Eden. Discover the perks below that can elevate your experience, and don't forget to explore the dedicated article on bonuses for a deeper insight.

  • Magic Eden Loyalty Bonus (+100%): Stay loyal to Magic Eden, and we reciprocate with a loyalty bonus, doubling your Diamonds.

  • Diamond Airdrop Bonus (+100%): Brace yourself for a retroactive diamond airdrop, rewarding our long-standing community members for their activity since our platform's inception in September '21.

  • Collection Bonuses (+50%): Engage with trending collections to earn a consistent 50% bonus, adding a unique touch to your Diamond accumulation journey. Please note that this bonus will be exclusively available for select collections for a limited time. Act swiftly when they're live to maximize your rewards and ensure you don't miss out on these special opportunities. Stay tuned to Magic Eden's social accounts for timely updates.

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