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Introduction to Magic Eden Rewards
Introduction to Magic Eden Rewards

Unleash the magic: Your gateway to abundant NFT delights

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Embark on a journey beyond traditional NFT platforms with Magic Eden Rewards, a cross-chain program to engage and reward every member of the ecosystem. For further information on Magic Eden’s strategy, please read our Magic Eden Rewards Manifesto.

Why a new rewards program?

Magic Eden believes in the transformative power of digital ownership. While the original Rewards program laid the foundation, we wanted to provide the best end-to-end experience in web3. This prompted the development of a new, more encompassing Magic Eden Rewards. This relaunch aims to engage and reward all users, existing and new, aligning with our commitment to universal digital ownership.

The importance of Magic Eden's rewards

Magic Eden Rewards plays a pivotal role in our mission to create the best end-to-end experience in web3. From our marketplace to the upcoming Magic Eden Wallet, spanning multiple chains, this rewards program is an integral part of our commitment to universal digital ownership. It amplifies our efforts to make Magic Eden the ultimate platform for NFT enthusiasts.

When does the new rewards program launch?

Today! Magic Eden Rewards is live, starting on Solana.

For our friends on Bitcoin and Polygon, please note that all past, present, and future actions are being accounted for and will be rewarded. This isn't the beginning; the accumulation of Diamonds has been ongoing. We will also be bringing Magic Eden Rewards to our Ethereum marketplace and Magic Eden Wallet soon.

Getting started: A quick guide

If you're new here, connect your wallet, set up your profile, and explore the Magic Eden Rewards homepage via the Diamond logo.

For our OGs, you will receive a "Retroactive Diamond Drop” in a matter of days, which will account for all your historical Diamonds earned on Magic Eden starting from as far back as September ‘21. To maximize your rewards, ensure your Loyalty score is at 100% and participate in Diamond Quests.

Understanding your rewards dashboard

At the top of the Magic Eden rewards page, you'll find key information:

  • Loyalty score: Your loyalty score is prominently displayed, indicating your current level of loyalty to Magic Eden.

  • Diamond bonus: This section shows your current diamond bonus, revealing the additional percentage you earn with each action based on your loyalty score.

  • Weekly earnings: Track the amount of diamonds you've earned throughout the week, providing a snapshot of your recent activity.

  • Total diamonds: View the total number of diamonds you've accumulated across all your connected profiles.

If your loyalty score is less than 100%, you will also see the Loyalty-O-Meter. For a deeper understanding of your loyalty status and the corresponding Diamond bonuses, explore our dedicated article.

Who can earn Diamonds?

Everyone! Magic Eden Rewards is tailored for collectors, traders, and creators. Whether you buy, list, make offers, or contribute to the growth of the space, there's a reward waiting for you.

Rewards for all: Long-term recognition

Long-time supporters are not forgotten. Past, present, and future actions will be rewarded, including the much-anticipated "Retroactive Diamond Drop”. The Retroactive Diamond Drop will be given to our Solana community soon. When Magic Eden Rewards launch on Polygon and Bitcoin Ordinals, those communities will also receive a Retroactive Diamond Drop.

New users: A seamless onboarding experience

New to Magic Eden? You're not behind. We reward existing users for past actions and ensure that every step you take from now on contributes to your Diamonds. Don’t forget to download Magic Eden Wallet, the best wallet for NFT management.

Expanding to other chains: A comprehensive approach

Magic Eden Rewards will soon extend to Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Polygon, with past actions on these chains noted and rewarded. The goal is to create a seamless experience, acknowledging contributions on various chains.

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