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Unveiling Lucky Buy: Score amazing collectibles on Magic Eden
Unveiling Lucky Buy: Score amazing collectibles on Magic Eden

Will luck be on your side?

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Welcome to Lucky Buy on Magic Eden!

Introducing Lucky Buy

Magic Eden is thrilled to introduce a game-changing feature called Lucky Buy. If you're an avid collector or an NFT enthusiast, this is your opportunity to acquire incredible collectibles at a fraction of their original price. Lucky Buy is designed to add an element of excitement to your NFT shopping experience, making it both fun and rewarding.

What is Lucky Buy?

Lucky Buy is an exciting addition to our platform, offering you a unique way to expand your NFT collection. While you can still use the traditional Buy option, Lucky Buy takes things up a notch for select collections. It allows you to potentially acquire rare and coveted collectibles for a significantly reduced price.

Important note:
The product is still in beta, and is being rolled out on a region by region basis.

We are tinkering with the product and testing with select markets

before launching it more broadly.

How Lucky Buy works

Lucky Buy incorporates a percent-based system that determines both the percentage of the NFT's list price you want to use and your probability of revealing an NFT.

For example, if the NFT's list price is 100 SOL, you can choose to use 15% of the price, which equates to 15 SOL. This choice gives you a 15% probability of revealing an NFT.

Here is a detailed breakdown on how Lucky Buy works:

Identify eligible NFT

Begin your Lucky Buy journey by searching for NFTs adorned with the 🍀 symbol. These symbols indicate that the NFTs are part of the Lucky Buy program.

Click the "Lucky Buy" button

When you spot an NFT that catches your eye, click the "Lucky Buy" button associated with it. This action will trigger the Lucky Buy modal, where you can take your shot at securing the NFT.

Input your SOL commitment

To proceed, input your probability (or the amount of SOL you wish to commit). You can use the slider for quick selection or manually input a specific SOL amount in the provided box.

Review your options

Directly below your selected percentage you will see more information about the transaction. You will expect to see:

  • Potential upside: This information gives you an idea of the potential value of the NFT you're trying to acquire in reference to your commitment amount.

  • Probability of win: This metric indicates your likelihood of successfully obtaining the NFT based on your SOL commitment.

  • Item total price: Understand the full price of the NFT.

  • How much you will pay: Know the exact amount of SOL you're willing to pay.

Commit to Lucky Buy

If you're comfortable with your choice and ready to take the leap, click the pink "Lucky Buy" button. This action will take you to your connected wallet to confirm the transaction securely.

Taking the leap

Once you've clicked the "Lucky Buy" button, you're taking a leap of faith. Upon confirming the transaction, and ultimately what you’ve won. If luck is on your side and you succeed, congratulations! The NFT is now yours to keep in your collection or sell instantly.

Everyone gets something. If you don’t receive the NFT, you still get diamonds!

Endless opportunities

The beauty of Lucky Buy lies in its unlimited opportunities. There's no restriction on how many times you can try to make an NFT yours. As long as you have SOL in your wallet, you can try again and again.

Be part of the beta

Lucky Buy is an exciting beta product, and we're eager to roll it out and gather your valuable feedback. Your input will help us refine and enhance the Lucky Buy experience. Together, let's bring some Magic back to the world of NFTs!

Magic Eden utilizes the on-chain record to troubleshoot Lucky Buy transactions.

Understanding the Lucky Buy fee structure

Lucky Buy operates with a fee structure of 5% designed to enhance the platform's sustainability and support its growth. From these fees, sellers benefit from Lucky Buy by receiving an additional 1% on top of their sale price, and this provides sellers with more reasons to list their NFTs on Magic Eden, creating a win-win scenario for both sellers and buyers. Buyers can potentially get an NFT at an incredible price while sellers make more with each sale.

Fee structure and discounts in Magic Eden’s Lucky Buy feature

In Magic Eden’s marketplace, the fee structures for buying and selling NFTs through the Lucky Buy (LB) feature can be intricate. With multiple fees and rewards levels at play, the overall pricing is subject to various discounts and charges. Below is a comprehensive guide to understanding how the LB fee structure works.

Standard Lucky Buy Fee

The standard LB fee is a flat 5%, applied on top of the total listing price, which comprises the base price of the NFT, any applicable taker fees, and royalties. Taker fees remain subject to discounts based on the buyer's ME rewards level, but the LB fee itself is set at a fixed 5%.

Maker Fee

Contrary to what one might assume, the maker fee is technically paid by the seller. This means that the seller receives the total listing price minus the maker fee.

Treasury’s Role

If a buyer reveals an NFT, the Magic Eden treasury funds the gap between the listing price and the committed amount from the buyer. This ensures that the entire sum of the listing price plus the LB fee is covered.


Example for buyers:

Let's assume an item is priced at 100 SOL with 1% royalties.

Level 1 User (no taker fee discount):

  • Total listing price: Base price (100 SOL) + Taker Fee (1.5% or 1.5 SOL) + Royalties (1% or 1 SOL) = 102.5 SOL

  • LB fee: 5% of 102.5 SOL = 5.125 SOL

  • Commitment with 10% probability: 5.125 SOL * 0.1 = 0.5125 SOL

  • Treasury funds the rest: 5.125 SOL - 0.5125 SOL = 4.6125 SOL

Level 5 User (with 1.05% discounted taker fee):

  • Total listing price: Base Price (100 SOL) + Discounted Taker Fee (1.05% or 1.05 SOL) + Royalties (1% or 1 SOL) = 102.05 SOL

  • LB fee: 5% of 102.05 SOL = 5.1025 SOL

  • Commitment with 10% probability: 5.1025 SOL * 0.1 = 0.51025 SOL

  • Treasury funds the rest: 5.1025 SOL - 0.51025 SOL = 4.59225 SOL


  • Buyers: Pay only the committed amount and receive the NFT.

  • Sellers: Receive the total listing price less the maker fee, plus 1% of the 5% Lucky Buy fee.

  • ME treasury: Funds the gap (listing price less committed amount) and the distribution of the LB fee among the seller and Magic Eden.

By understanding these simplified fee structures, both buyers and sellers can make more informed decisions on Magic Eden's marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't receive an NFT?

If you don't receive the NFT, the committed SOL is not returned to your wallet, but don't worry! Lucky Buy ensures that everyone is happy in some way. Even if you don't secure the NFT, you will still receive diamonds.

Are there any scenarios where I would receive a refund?

Yes, refunds are issued in specific situations:

  • If the item was already sold before the Lucky Buy transaction completed.

  • If the item price increased before the Lucky Buy transaction completed.

  • If Magic Eden runs out of money in its treasury. (Note: This is unlikely to be the case).

In such cases, your committed SOL will be returned to your wallet.

If I receive an NFT for a percent of the list price, who covers the difference?

Magic Eden covers the difference. The seller will still receive the entire list price for their NFT.

Are there any additional fees?

There is a standard 5% fee associated with Lucky Buy. This fee is split between the seller, and Magic Eden to support the platform's sustainability and development.

How can I claim the SOL that I've earned from users using Lucky Buy to purchase my NFT/s?

Claiming your earned SOL from buyers using Lucky Buy to purchase your NFT/s is a straightforward process:

  • Connect wallet: First, ensure that you've connected your wallet to Magic Eden.

  • Access your balance: On the Magic Eden platform, click on the drop-down menu located at the top right corner of the screen. Here, you will find an overview of your account, including your Main Wallet Balance.

  • Check for unclaimed SOL: Above your Main Wallet Balance, you'll see if there's any SOL that is currently unclaimed. This represents the SOL you've earned from Lucky Buy.

  • Claim your SOL: To retrieve your earnings, simply click on the pink 'Claim' button. This action initiates the transfer of the SOL to your connected wallet.

Upon clicking 'Claim,' you will also receive a detailed breakdown of the total items sold and the total amount you have earned, ensuring full transparency in your earnings.

Is every NFT Lucky Buy eligible?

Lucky Buy is activated on a collection-by-collection basis. Currently still in its Beta phase, Lucky Buy allows any NFT that is listed for sale within an activated collection to be available for "lucky buying." As of now, 1,000 collections are currently eligible, ensuring that there is almost something for everyone to try Lucky Buy.

How do I list my NFT so it is available to be purchased using Lucky Buy?

If your NFT is part of a collection for which Lucky Buy has been activated, you don't need to take any further action; your NFT will automatically be available for Lucky Buy as long as you've listed it for sale on Magic Eden.

How is randomness ensured in Lucky Buy?

In our Lucky Buy feature, we utilize a Verified Randomness Function (VRF) to ensure fairness and transparency. VRF generates random outcomes that are beyond the control of both users and Magic Eden while allowing for verification.

To enhance trust, we provide a sandbox environment where you can independently audit your result:

  • Outcome verification: After receiving the result of your Lucky Buy, locate the "Transaction Details" link.

  • Access transaction hash: Click on the provided link, which will take you to a block explorer where you can find the transaction hash.

  • Verification sandbox: Visit the following link.

  • Enter transaction hash: On the sandbox page, enter your transaction hash into the box located on the right.

  • Accessing the Sandbox RPC: For Lucky Buy verification in the sandbox, users are required to input their own valid and functional RPC URL.

  • Verify outcome: Submit the transaction hash, and the sandbox will verify the outcome for you.

Understanding the Verification Messages:

When you input the transaction into the sandbox, you will receive detailed verification messages. Let's dive deeper into what each component of the message means:

  • oddsBps: This represents the odds of winning a specific reward. It is denominated in basis points. For instance, 'oddsBps: 500' means you have a 5% chance of selecting that particular reward.

  • value: This indicates the cost of that reward. It is denominated in lamports, which are a unit of account on Solana. For example, for an M2 listing, the value is calculated by summing the price of the listing, royalties, and taker fees.

  • Signer matches: This confirms that the signer of the transaction is legitimate.

  • Message matches: This confirms that the message in the transaction aligns with the expected message generated based on the given seeds.

  • Signature is valid: This validates the integrity of the transaction's signature.

  • Clamped hash value: This represents a computed hash value associated with the transaction. It's used in the process of determining rewards.

  • Target reward matches: This confirms that the reward selected matches the expected or targeted reward based on the clamped hash value and other factors.

It's important to understand each of these components as they collectively ensure the transparency, fairness, and validity of the Lucky Buy transaction.

This sandbox allows you to validate the randomness of a Lucky Buy transaction. To verify the outcome of your Lucky Buy attempt on-chain, please refer to our dedicated article.

What happens to the additional SOL when multiple users attempt Lucky Buys on an NFT, but none of them result in an NFT reveal?

If no user succeeds in receiving an NFT, the extra SOL contributed by each user is placed into a dedicated wallet known as the Lucky Buy operational wallet, managed on the blockchain. When a user does get an NFT, this operational wallet covers the difference in SOL. However, in cases where no one gets the NFT, the SOL contributions from unsuccessful attempts are collected in this wallet, preserving transparency throughout the process.

How do I remove Lucky Buy from appearing on Magic Eden?

You can easily remove Lucky Buy in your user profile settings. Follow these steps to adjust your settings:

  • Access your settings: Click on your wallet address at the top right of the screen after logging in to your Magic Eden account. Click on the 'Settings' button.

  • Navigate to the display tab: Once you're in your settings, go to the 'Display' tab.

  • Toggle Lucky Buy Features: In the display tab, you will find a toggle switch labeled 'Show Lucky Buy Features.' You can use this toggle to turn Lucky Buy on and off according to your preference.

This way, you can control whether or not you see the Lucky Buy features on the Magic Eden platform.

Are you ready to try your luck and elevate your NFT collection to new heights? Head over to Magic Eden now and discover the thrill of LuckyBuy!

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