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Understanding Diamond Symbols on Magic Eden's EVM Marketplace
Understanding Diamond Symbols on Magic Eden's EVM Marketplace

Unveiling the meaning behind different Diamond symbols for NFT collectors

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As you navigate through Magic Eden's EVM (Ethereum, Polygon and Base) marketplace in search of your next NFT, you may encounter diamond symbols accompanying certain listings. Understanding these symbols is key to maximizing your rewards and making informed decisions within the platform.

Diamond symbols

Hollow Diamond symbol

  • When browsing listings, you might notice some NFTs with a hollow Diamond symbol. This signifies that the NFT is not listed exclusively on Magic Eden.

  • Despite not being exclusive to Magic Eden, users who acquire NFTs with the hollow diamond symbol are still eligible for certain Diamond rewards.

Solid Diamond symbol

  • Conversely, if you come across an NFT with a solid Diamond symbol, it indicates that the NFT is listed exclusively on Magic Eden's EVM marketplace.

  • Users who acquire NFTs with the solid diamond symbol are eligible for the full array of Diamond rewards offered by Magic Eden.

Understanding Diamond rewards

  • Diamond rewards are integral to Magic Eden's ecosystem, offering incentives for engagement and participation. These rewards are distributed based on various user actions, such as buying, listing, and making offers

  • By opting for NFTs with solid Diamond symbols, users can ensure they receive the maximum benefits of Magic Eden's reward program.


Knowing the meaning of the Diamond symbols on Magic Eden's EVM marketplace empowers users to make informed choices and maximize their rewards within the platform's NFT ecosystem.

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