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How to Find Magic Eden Native Listings
How to Find Magic Eden Native Listings

Master the art of filtering on Magic Eden to uncover exclusive listings and earn Diamonds effortlessly.

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This guide will walk you through simple steps to ensure your purchases lead to a glittering collection of Diamonds.

Earn Diamonds: Only buy on Magic Eden

Your quest for Diamonds begins with Magic Eden exclusivity. Ensure the items you buy are directly listed on our platform, not aggregated from other sources. You can learn more about earning Diamonds in our dedicated article.

Magic Eden listings toggle

Making it convenient for you to filter listings exclusively on Magic Eden, we have implemented a user-friendly toggle feature. On desktop, locate the toggle at the top right of the collection page, positioned next to the Diamond logo. Simply switch it on to display only Magic Eden listings, allowing you to earn diamonds for your trades.

For mobile users, the toggle is situated at the bottom of the screen when you are browsing the collection page.

Collection page filtering

Filtering for Magic Eden listings is a breeze right from the Collection page.

  • Navigate to the Collection page of the NFT you wish to purchase.

  • Click on the "Traits Filter" button.

  • Click on the "Filters" tab.

Using the 'Status' option

Within the Filters category, locate the 'Status' option with three choices:

  • Show all

  • Buy now

  • Magic Eden

Magic Eden exclusive filtering

Click on the "Magic Eden" button to seamlessly filter the collection page, displaying only native Magic Eden listings.

Follow these steps to unlock the full potential of Magic Eden's filtering features, ensuring every purchase contributes to your growing collection of Diamonds. Happy trading!

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