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Unveiling Magic Eden's ETH OG Diamond Claim
Unveiling Magic Eden's ETH OG Diamond Claim

Unlock your ETH OG Diamonds: Join the Magic Eden journey now!

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Welcome to Magic Eden, ETH.

Our journey began on Solana, pioneering a rewarding experience that now expands to Ethereum, with the goal to bring rewards to every chain. As we welcome ETH collectors with a shower of Diamonds, our commitment to inclusivity and growth remains unwavering. This ETH claim, reaching back to 2017, underscores our dedication to building the biggest and best rewards program, where our strength lies in our size and ability to adapt.

Our innovative strategy for the OG drop involves rewarding past engagement across other ETH marketplaces, showcasing our commitment to innovation. As a cross-chain platform, we support both the Solana and Ethereum ecosystems. The OG Diamond claim has some subtle differences for ETH users.

Solana vs Ethereum Diamond allocation

Solana has maintained a longstanding presence within our ecosystem. Solana users therefore received more for their activities and were granted a matching bonus on their accrued Diamonds.

For Ethereum, we aim to provide newcomers with an initial taste of Diamonds to kick start their journey, while the remaining and larger portion is earned gradually through continued engagement.

Let’s dive into how to claim, how best to earn, and how bonuses will work for Ethereum.

Claim your OG ETH Diamond rewards now – the window closes on April 12th, 2024. Act fast and be part of the magic!

How to claim your ETH OG Diamonds

Excitement is building as Magic Eden gears up for its ETH OG Diamond Claim and we want to make sure our new friends know exactly how to claim rewards. Follow these simple steps to secure your Diamonds:

Automatic eligibility check:

On claim day, If you're on any of our ETH pages with an eligible wallet connected, a pop-up module will appear, confirming your eligibility for the ETH OG Diamond Claim.

If not, visit or click on the Diamond icon in the top right corner of the homepage. Ensure your wallet is connected and you are signed in to your Magic Eden profile.

Claim flow

Look for the prominently displayed 'Claim Diamonds' button on the Rewards page.

A pop-up module will appear, informing you of your eligibility and the imminent rainfall of Diamonds. Proceed by clicking the 'Next' button.

Trade statistics

The process will guide you through insightful statistics related to your NFT trades, including total volume traded, number of trades made, royalties paid to creators, number of NFT collections owned, and total number of NFTs owned.

Claim your Diamonds

After reviewing your trade statistics, the screen will display the number of Diamonds you are eligible to claim on your connected wallet.

To secure your rewards, click the 'Claim & Tweet' button.


Make sure you are on the 'Ethereum' tab on Magic Eden when making the claim, not the 'All Chains' section.

Congratulations! Diamonds added

You've successfully claimed your Diamonds, and they will now be seamlessly added to your balance. Congratulations on your well-earned rewards!

Bonus Diamonds

As part of this ETH OG Diamond Claim, a portion of your Diamonds will be earned through completing additional Quests and these bonus Diamonds will be added to each Diamond you earn, just like a loyalty or collection bonus.

For example, on Ethereum, if you claimed 1,000 Diamonds today, you’ll have an additional 4,000 Diamonds to earn as a bonus. As you complete Quests, these 4,000 Diamonds will be added to each Diamond you earn.

Let’s imagine you have:

  • 100% Loyalty earning a +100% Bonus

  • Purchased an NFT from a Diamond Bonus collection earning +50% Diamonds

  • OG ETH Diamond Drop bonus adding another +100%, pulling from the 4,000 earnable Diamonds

You will receive:

  • Base Earned for the purchase: 20 Diamonds

  • 100% loyalty bonus: +20 Diamonds

  • 50% Diamond bonus collection: + 10 Diamonds

  • 100% ETH OG Diamond Claim bonus: + 20 Diamonds

  • TOTAL Earned: 70 Diamonds

  • Remaining Diamonds from ETH OG Diamond Drop to be earned - 3,980

Check claim status

If you ever need to verify whether you've previously claimed Diamonds with your wallet, simply click the 'Claim Diamonds' button again. The system will confirm whether you have already claimed with that specific wallet.

There are multiple ways to check how many bonus diamonds you have earned and how many you have remaining to claim.

Once you have connected your wallet and signed in, hover over the Diamond icon at the top of the screen. It will display a progress bar indicating how many bonus diamonds you have earned and how many you have remaining to claim after completing quests.

Alternatively, you can click on the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It will again show a progress bar indicating how many bonus diamonds you have earned and how many you have remaining to claim.

If you have any questions or need support, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team, by clicking on the purple chat widget. Now that you've mastered the process, join us in celebrating this rewarding journey towards universal digital ownership on Magic Eden!

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