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Unveiling Magic Eden's Retroactive Drop
Unveiling Magic Eden's Retroactive Drop

A rain of rewards for our day 1s - Charting the course to universal digital ownership

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Prepare for a shower of Diamonds as we unveil Magic Eden's highly anticipated Retroactive Diamond Drop, set to make waves on February 2nd. This drop, reaching back to our origins in September 2021, is a testament to our gratitude for every user who has contributed to the Diamond-earning journey on Magic Eden.

Whether you joined us on day 1 or somewhere along the way, it's about recognizing the beauty of blockchain rewards that extend beyond timelines.

Join us in celebrating our journey to universal digital ownership! Claim your Retroactive Diamond Drop rewards now – the window closes on March 3rd, 2024. Act fast and be part of the magic!

How to claim your retroactive drop

Excitement is building as Magic Eden gears up for its Retroactive Diamond Drop, and we want to make sure our valued community members know exactly how to claim their well-deserved rewards. Follow these simple steps to secure your Diamonds:

Automatic eligibility check:

If you're on any of our Solana pages with an eligible wallet connected, a pop-up module will appear, confirming your eligibility for the Retroactive Diamond Drop.

If not, visit or click on the Diamond icon in the top right corner of the homepage. Ensure your wallet is connected and you are signed in to your Magic Eden profile.

Claim flow

Look for the prominently displayed 'Claim Diamonds' button on the Rewards page.

A pop-up module will appear, informing you of your eligibility and the imminent rainfall of Diamonds. Proceed by clicking the 'Next' button.

Trade statistics

The process will guide you through insightful statistics related to your NFT trades, including total volume traded, number of trades made, royalties paid to creators, number of NFT collections owned, and total number of NFTs owned.

Claim your Diamonds

After reviewing your trade statistics, the screen will display the number of Diamonds you are eligible to claim on your connected wallet.

To secure your rewards, click the 'Claim & Tweet' button.

Congratulations! Diamonds added

You've successfully claimed your Diamonds, and they will now be seamlessly added to your balance. Congratulations on your well-earned rewards!

Bonus Diamonds

As part of this Retroactive Diamond Drop, Magic Eden is going to be matching the Diamonds you just claimed. The way you earn these matched Diamonds is through completing Quests and these matched Diamonds will be added to each Diamond you earn, just like a loyalty or collection bonus.

For example, if you claimed 10,000 Diamonds today, Magic Eden will match with an additional 10,000 Diamonds. As you complete Quests, these 10,000 Diamonds will be added to each Diamond you earn.

Let’s imagine you have:

  • 100% Loyalty earning a +100% Bonus

  • Purchased a Diamond Bonus collection earning +50% Diamonds

  • Retroactive Diamond Drop bonus adding another +100%, pulling from the 10,000 matched Diamonds

20 base Diamonds + (2.5 × 20 bonus) = 70 total Diamonds for the purchase.

Check claim status

If you ever need to verify whether you've previously claimed Diamonds with your wallet, simply click the 'Claim Diamonds' button again. The system will confirm whether you have already claimed with that specific wallet.

Now that you've mastered the process, join us in celebrating this rewarding journey towards universal digital ownership on Magic Eden!

As Diamonds begin to descend upon our community, we invite you to celebrate not just a moment in time but the collective journey that has brought us here. Magic Eden's commitment to rewarding users, from day 1 to the present, echoes our dedication to creating a thriving NFT ecosystem.

Join us in this celebration, and let's continue charting the course to universal digital ownership together.

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