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Navigating Loyalty and Diamond Bonuses
Navigating Loyalty and Diamond Bonuses

Elevate your NFT experience by maximizing your Diamond bonuses through loyalty and strategic actions.

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Welcome to Magic Eden, the utopia for NFT enthusiasts where digital ownership becomes universal. As part of our commitment to creating the best platform for NFTs, we're thrilled to introduce Diamond Bonuses – a rewarding system designed to amplify your Magic Eden experience. In this guide, we'll delve into the details of Loyalty and Diamond Bonuses, providing you with insights on how to make the most out of every rewarding action.

What is a Diamond bonus?

Diamond Bonuses are your ticket to earning more Diamonds with each rewarding action, such as buying, listing, and making offers. At Magic Eden, we believe in not just providing a platform but creating an immersive ecosystem where every engagement counts.

Maximizing Diamond bonuses: Tips and tricks

To ensure you maximize your Diamond Bonuses, maintain a loyalty score of 100%. Be an early adopter to boost your rewards! Additionally, keep an eye out for exclusive Diamond boosts on select NFT collections, offering a 50% bonus for a limited time. Act swiftly when these opportunities arise to enhance your rewards even further.

Understanding loyalty score

How loyalty score works

Your loyalty score is the secret sauce to boosting your Diamond earnings. Maintain 100% loyalty to add a +100% bonus to every Diamond earned. The loyalty score is your key to an enhanced NFT collecting experience.

Simple steps to boost loyalty

Elevate your loyalty score effortlessly by concentrating all your NFT listings and collection offers on Magic Eden. Utilize our exclusive delist/relist tool, available in the Rewards hub, to seamlessly transfer your NFT listings and pools from other platforms to Magic Eden with just a few clicks. If your loyalty is below 100%, hit the "Boost" button to activate the tool.

Important note:
Your loyalty is purely a function of your listings and pools. If all your listings and pools are on Magic Eden, you should have 100% loyalty.

Optimizing loyalty with the Loyalty-O-Meter

If your Loyalty Score is not at 100%, the Loyalty-O-Meter becomes your go-to tool. This intuitive feature allows you to quickly assess and enhance your loyalty.

  • Viewing Loyalty status: The Loyalty-O-Meter displays your current loyalty status. It is only viewable when you have less than 100% loyalty.

  • Maximizing Diamond earnings: Achieve a 100% Diamond bonus by reaching 100% loyalty on Magic Eden. The Loyalty-O-Meter provides a simple gauge to monitor your progress.

  • Wallet and listing overview: The Loyalty-O-Meter offers a comprehensive view of your connected wallet, as well as all pools and listings on other platforms.

  • Linked wallets: Stay informed about your entire NFT portfolio, including listings and pools on other marketplaces in wallets that are linked to your profile.

  • Boost Loyalty button: Excitingly, the 'Boost Loyalty' button is your key to a quick loyalty boost. Clicking this button initiates a process to delist NFTs from other platforms and relist them on Magic Eden at the same price.

  • Streamlined process: The Loyalty-O-Meter streamlines the relisting process, ensuring that you can easily enhance your loyalty score and unlock the 100% Diamond bonus.

Diamond bonus calculation

Unveiling the math behind Diamond bonuses

Diamond Bonuses are added to your base Diamonds.

For example, when purchasing an NFT, let’s say you earn 20 base Diamonds. With 100% Loyalty, you gain a +100% bonus, and an additional +50% for buying from an eligible collection that has a temporary Diamond bonus. This results in a total of 150% Diamond Bonus for every Diamond-earning action. The calculation is as follows:

20 base Diamonds + (1.5 × 20 bonus) = 50 total Diamonds for the purchase.

Wallet linking and Diamond rewards

When it comes to wallet linking and our new rewards program, it's essential to note that Diamonds in linked wallets are considered separately. Linking your wallets will never 'transfer' your Diamonds. However, users can conveniently view their total Diamond count across all linked wallets from the Rewards page. You can find this information under the 'Total Diamonds' count.

Additional paths to Diamond bonuses

Stay tuned for additional ways to earn Diamond Bonuses, including special bonuses for select collections at specific times. Participate in buying, listing, and making offers on these collections to unlock even more rewards during these special occasions.

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