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How to List Your cNFT Collection Through Creator Hub on Magic Eden
How to List Your cNFT Collection Through Creator Hub on Magic Eden

A step-by-step guide to successfully listing your compressed NFTs Introduction

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Welcome to this comprehensive guide for listing your cNFT (Compressed Non-Fungible Token) collection through Creator Hub on Magic Eden. The process is similar to listing regular NFTs, but with some essential differences that we'll outline below.


Before you proceed, familiarize yourself with the standard listing process on Magic Eden's Creator Hub. Here is the article outlining that process: How to List Your NFT Collection on Magic Eden: A Guide for Creators.

Basic steps for listing regular NFTs

For a quick recap, here are the steps you'd typically follow to list a regular NFT collection on Magic Eden:

  • Log in to Creator Hub: Use the email address associated with your collection management.

  • Create a new collection: Click on the "Create New Collection" button.

  • Select your blockchain: Choose the blockchain for your collection (Solana).

  • Legal authority: Indicate your legal authority for the project.

  • Collection information: Enter details like Collection Name, Collection Symbol, and whether it supports Metaplex Certified Collections (MCC).


All cNFT collections must include an associated MCC address

  • Description and images: Provide a description and upload the profile image for your collection.

  • Social media links: Link your Twitter and optionally, your Discord server.

  • Hash list: Choose either to "Review" or "List now" depending on your project's progress.

  • Whitelist (optional): Set up a whitelist if required.

  • Submit: Verify all information and submit.

Special instructions for listing cNFTs

Listing cNFTs comes with its own set of requirements. Here are the specific steps to take into consideration:

MCC and Compression Tree

Unlike regular NFTs, for cNFTs, you must put the MCC in the "collection address" field.

In the comments section, we also request that you add the compression tree address. This is vital for the seamless listing of your cNFTs.

How to find the compression tree address

  • Visit XRAY: Navigate to XRAY.

  • Select an NFT: Open up an NFT from your compressed NFT collection and search for it on XRAY.

  • Locate metadata: Scroll down to the bottom of XRAY and find the "Metadata" section. Expand this section.

  • Find the tree address: You'll see an address listed under the "tree" field in the metadata section. Copy this address.

  • Add to comments: Paste this copied address into the comments section of your listing on Creator Hub.

Listing a cNFT collection requires special attention to certain details, notably the inclusion of the compression tree address. By following this guide, you'll be well-prepared for a successful listing on Magic Eden's Creator Hub. Good luck with your cNFT venture!

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