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The Metaplex Certified Collection (MCC) Standard on Magic Eden: Instant Tradeability for Your NFTs
The Metaplex Certified Collection (MCC) Standard on Magic Eden: Instant Tradeability for Your NFTs

Unlock the Power of MCC Standard and Make Your Collection Instantly Tradable on Magic Eden!

Updated over a week ago

Magic Eden is excited to announce that we now support the Metaplex Certified Collection (MCC) Standard on our marketplace. This new standard is designed for all NFTs minted with Candy Machine V2 (CMv2), allowing marketplaces and creators to certify their NFTs as part of a specific collection through on-chain information.

What is MCC?

MCC is the new collection standard developed for NFTs minted with Candy Machine V2. It enables creators and marketplaces to verify and certify that an NFT belongs to a specific collection by storing relevant information on-chain. This standard is now fully supported on Magic Eden, providing creators with exciting opportunities for instant tradeability.

For more in-depth information, you can also visit Metaplex's official website.

Using MCC for creators

Migrating to MCC

Existing collection owners on Magic Eden can choose to migrate their collections and adopt the Metaplex Certified Collection Standard through our Creator Hub. For all new creators minting their collections on CMv2, the Metaplex Standard will be automatically applied.

Instant tradeability benefits

Once an NFT is certified using the MCC Standard, it becomes instantly tradable on Magic Eden without requiring any review by our team. However, it's important to note that non-reviewed NFTs will have certain restrictions:

  • They won't be discoverable on our homepage or through Magic Eden's search.

  • They'll only be accessible through a direct URL link.

  • They'll display warnings and disclaimers for traders to "Do Your Own Research" (DYOR).

Blocking instant tradeability

Due to the setup of MCC by Metaplex, once a collection NFT is verified, all NFTs minted on CMv2 within the same collection become immediately tradeable on Magic Eden.

Removing warnings and disclaimers

Creators who wish to remove warnings and disclaimers from their collection pages and make them searchable and discoverable can do so by applying for a listing through our Creator Hub. The Magic Eden team will then review your listing application.

Once approved, your collection will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Featured on our homepage and searchable within Magic Eden.

  • No longer display warnings and disclaimers regarding not being reviewed by Magic Eden.

  • Will have its own custom URL.

MCC and pre-existing collections

Creators who have minted NFTs on an older Metaplex collection standard will not be affected, and their NFTs will continue to operate as normal.

Sharing instantly tradable links

After submitting a listing through the Creator Hub and opting in for the Metaplex Certified Collection standard, creators will receive an instantly tradable link during the final step of the application process. This link can be shared with your community, facilitating seamless trades.

Finding the collection NFT public key

To locate the collection NFT public key, creators can access it from their wallet. When using Candy Machine, creators must specify the collection NFT public key in the Candy Machine CLI. Every collection minted using CMv2 will be automatically MCC-certified by default.

Approval by the Magic Eden team

Once your MCC collection is approved by the Magic Eden team, your old "instantly tradeable" collection page will redirect to the new collection page. This new page will be searchable, discoverable, and have its own custom URL, all without the previously shown warnings and disclaimers.

Unlock the full potential of your NFT collections with the Metaplex Certified Collection Standard on Magic Eden. Experience instant tradeability and connect with a broader audience today!

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