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How to List Your NFT Collection on Magic Eden: A Guide for Creators
How to List Your NFT Collection on Magic Eden: A Guide for Creators

Reach new heights with your NFTs: Get listed on Magic Eden and expand your audience

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The Creator Hub on Magic Eden is your go-to platform for listing and managing your NFT collection. This article will guide you through the process of applying for listing using Creator Hub.

Log in to Creator Hub

To begin, log in to Creator Hub using the email address associated with your collection management.

Create a new collection

Click on the "Create New Collection" button.

The left navigation bar will guide you through the rest of the process.

Select your blockchain

Choose the blockchain on which your collection will be launched.

Legal authority

Indicate the legal authority you have for your project.

Metaplex Certified Collections (MCC)

If your collection supports the MCC standard, toggle it on and provide your Verified Collection Address (VCA).

Note: To obtain your VCA, enter the hash of one of your NFTs in Solana Explorer and copy the Verified Collection Address. If you don't see the VCA option, your project does not support the MCC standard.


Enter the desired Collection Name and Collection Symbol. The symbol will be part of your listing's URL.

Example URLs:


Provide a description of your collection.

Profile image

Upload the image you want to use as the collection's profile picture.

Derivative collection

If your collection is a derivative, toggle on and provide the link to the original artwork and the name of the original collection.

Note: This applies to any blockchain, not just the one you're launching on.


Select up to two categories that apply to your collection.

Social media links

Link your project's Twitter account (requires a minimum of 100 followers) and optionally, your Discord server. Avoid using vanity Discord links to prevent phishing attempts.

Once completed, click "Save & Proceed" to move to the next step.

Hash list

This step offers two options based on your project's progress.

Option 1: Review

Important note:
Please note that the "Review" option is still present in Creator Hub; however, we strongly advise users not to select it. We have deprecated the drop calendar feature, and even though the option currently remains visible, selecting it will no longer serve its previous purpose.

Option 2: Listing now

Select "Listing now" if your project has already started minting and you want an immediate listing on Magic Eden. Provide your Total Supply and NFT Hash List.

Whitelist (optional)

If you chose "Review" (prior to the feature being depreciated) and wish to set up a whitelist for your project, select "Yes." Otherwise, click "No" to proceed to the final step.


Verify that all the entered information is correct. Optionally, leave a message for the Magic Eden Listing Operations team under "Anything else we should know?" Then, click "Submit" to complete the process.

Congratulations! Your application will now be reviewed or immediately listed, depending on the option you chose.

Listing process for EVM collections

As we streamline the listing process for EVM collections, please follow these steps to submit your application:

  • The majority of EVM collections will be listed automatically, search for your collection using the search bar.

  • Please note that all EVM NFT collections are listed via their contract address. The URL structure is as follows:

  • If you need to make changes regarding you listing, such as updating the collection image, name or description you can directly access our form here. Our team will process these changes within 24-48 hours.

  • If you would like to learn about setting up royalties, please see this article:

By listing your collection on Magic Eden, you unlock new opportunities for exposure and engagement with the vibrant NFT community. Start your journey today!

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