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Introducing Magic Eden Pre-Sales: The First Multi-Chain Platform for NFT Creators
Introducing Magic Eden Pre-Sales: The First Multi-Chain Platform for NFT Creators

A guide to the presale process via Creator Hub

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We are excited to announce the partnership between Magic Eden and Helio to bring you Magic Eden Pre-Sales, the first multi-chain pre-sales platform for NFT creators. By integrating Helio's leading payments platform, we aim to provide an easy, secure, and powerful NFT pre-sale experience across Solana, Polygon, and Ethereum within Magic Eden's Creator Hub. This article will guide you through the features and benefits of Magic Eden Pre-Sales and explain how to get started.

Why NFT pre-sales?

The NFT market is continually evolving, and creators have unique needs. Many creators and brands have dedicated followers, investors, or VIPs they want to offer exclusive early access to. NFT pre-sales allow creators to generate sales momentum, build anticipation, and maximize the success of their NFT projects. Magic Eden and Helio have partnered to streamline the pre-sale process, offering a simple and slick checkout experience for creators and buyers alike.

About Magic Eden pre-sales

Magic Eden Pre-Sales will be fully available via the Magic Eden Creator Hub starting on June 29th. It offers a fully multi-chain experience, starting with Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon, with additional chains like BTC planned for the future. Creators with access to the Creator Hub can seamlessly log in to the pre-sales dashboard, where they can set up and manage their pre-sale offerings.

Key features of Magic Eden pre-sales

  • Customizable pay links: Creators can set a price in various tokens, including SOL, MATIC, ETH, USDC, or any SPL/ERC-20 token.

  • User details: Capture user details such as Discord ID, Twitter, email, wallet, etc., to engage with the right audience.

  • NFT-gating and targeting: Target specific DAOs/projects through wallet allowlisting, Discord-gating, or NFT-gating.

  • Discord integration: Auto-assign a holder/pre-sales role with the Helio Discord bot.

  • Discounts and special offers: Enable discounts through codes or NFTs to incentivize buyers.

  • Sales analytics: All sales records are consolidated in one place, with easy CSV export and API integration options.

  • Refunds and payments: Process refunds with a single click from the dashboard, and split incoming payments to multiple wallets.

  • Merchant verification and KYC: Establish 100% community trust through merchant verification and KYC processes.

  • Customization and tailoring: Create as many pre-sales links as needed to tailor offerings to specific investors/DAOs.

  • Integration with launchpad: Easily add pre-sales links to the Launchpad page.

How to Get Started:

  • Log in to the Magic Eden Creator Hub:

  • Navigate to the Pre-Sales section and connect your wallet.

  • Once you connect your wallet, you will see your Dashboard. From this page, you can start the flow to create your pay link.

  • Below you will see images displaying of the various steps involved when creating a pay link:

Payment details

Pricing options

Advanced options

There are a number of customizable options available to creators when creating a Pay Link. We recommend you check out our partner Helio's Quick Start Guide

Certainly, addressing the issue of security and legitimacy is crucial, especially in the crypto and NFT space where scams are prevalent. You might consider adding a new section or subsection that discusses how users can confirm the legitimacy of a pre-sale link. This could fit well after the "How to Get Started" section or even as a standalone sidebar for immediate visibility. Here's how you might incorporate this information:

How to verify official pre-sale links

Security is a top priority for us at Magic Eden. We understand that it can sometimes be challenging to discern which links are officially associated with Magic Eden pre-sales. To address this concern, we have a straightforward way for you to verify the legitimacy of any Magic Eden Pre-Sale link:

Official base URL:

Always check that the base URL is Any link starting with this URL is an official Magic Eden Pre-Sale link.

You can always reach out to the Magic Eden Help Desk if you have any questions or need further assistance.

We are excited to empower creators with Magic Eden Pre-Sales and revolutionize the NFT pre-sale experience. Let's get (pre-)selling and shape the future of NFTs together!

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