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Inscribing Domains on Magic Eden: A Step-by-Step Guide
Inscribing Domains on Magic Eden: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover how to easily inscribe enabled domains directly on Magic Eden

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Connect your wallet

To get started with inscribing domains on Magic Eden, the first step is to connect your wallet. If you're new to Ordinals on Magic Eden, we recommend starting here.

Important note:
Ensure that the address receiving the inscription is a taproot address.

Accessing the inscription modal

Once you're connected, click on the 'Inscribe' button at the top right of Magic Eden Bitcoin's home page, next to your wallet address.

Selecting a domain to inscribe

Upon clicking "Inscribe Ordinals," you will be directed to the inscription modal. Hover over the information icon to view the list of domains that are eligible for inscription.

To begin inscribing, enter the full domain you wish to inscribe (e.g., test.magic). Depending on your confidence in the availability of the domain, you can choose to Skip Validations or not.

If you attempt to inscribe a domain that is already taken and have not skipped validations, an error will appear indicating its existence.

Preview and inscribe

After entering your chosen domain, click on "Preview & Inscribe." This will take you to the final check-out screen where all relevant fees will be displayed.

For this year (2023), 1.5% of the total inscription fees will be donated to the Ordinals protocol developer wallet.

If everything looks good, click "Inscribe" and review the pop-up wallet transaction. Approve the transaction to proceed.

Confirmation and tracking

Once you've approved the transaction, you'll be redirected to a page confirming that your submission has been received and is awaiting confirmation. You can monitor the status of your transaction within the Mempool from this page.

Please allow sufficient time for the delivery of your transaction.

Once users inscribe a Bitcoin Ordinals Domain on Magic Eden, it will typically appear on the platform after two confirmations on the Bitcoin network. This process helps ensure the security and validity of the transaction before the domain is visible on Magic Eden.

Ready to trade

Once your transaction is confirmed, you are now ready to trade! Visit the "My Items" section to view your Domain Names. You can also filter them by Domain Name type for easy navigation.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly inscribe enabled domains on Magic Eden, opening up exciting opportunities for trading and engagement within the platform.

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