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Inscribing Digital Artifacts on Magic Eden

Transforming concepts into immutable creations on the blockchain

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Step into the world of Magic Eden, where digital permanence is forged through inscriptions on the blockchain. This guide takes you through the art of crafting enduring digital legacies. Explore BRC-20 tokens, Files, Text, and Domains, and discover how to leave an indelible mark in the realm of blockchain creativity.

Connect your wallet

To embark on the journey of inscribing domains on Magic Eden, the primary step involves connecting your wallet. If you're new to the concept of Ordinals on Magic Eden, this is the ideal starting point.

Make certain that the address designated to receive the inscription is a taproot address.

Accessing the inscription modal

Once you've established the wallet connection, locate and click the 'Inscribe' button situated at the top right corner of Magic Eden Bitcoin's homepage, adjacent to your wallet address.

Choosing what to inscribe

With our novel inscription tool, you can now inscribe BRC-20 tokens, Files, Text, and Domains - the choice is yours, and you can make your selection by clicking on the corresponding tab.

BRC-20 tokens

Are you unfamiliar with BRC-20 tokens? Begin by acquiring a foundational understanding here!

In the inscription modal, you have the ability to deploy, mint, or transfer BRC-20 tokens. Since this encompasses a wealth of information, you can access a comprehensive guide for each of these processes.


Experience the groundbreaking ability to inscribe Files on Magic Eden! Ordinals encompass a diverse array of files, including images, applications, videos, and audio content.

Initiating the process is simple – just click the 'File' tab. Subsequently, you can conveniently drag and drop up to 10 files at once to commence inscription.

Upon dragging the files, their preview along with their respective sizes will be visible. Keep in mind that larger file sizes translate to higher inscription costs. Once ready, click “Inscribe”.

This leads you to the final checkout page, where a comprehensive overview of your inscription costs is presented. Assuming everything appears satisfactory, proceed to click 'Inscribe' and subsequently confirm the transaction through your wallet.

To track progress, you can monitor pending transactions and locate the transaction in the HISTORY tab.


If you're brimming with ideas to put into words, you can now inscribe text with ease!

You have the option to execute a single inscription for the entire text or perform bulk inscriptions.

  • For single inscriptions, the entire content is inscribed as a cohesive unit.

  • For bulk inscriptions, each line is inscribed individually.

Select your preference, input the desired text, and then proceed by clicking 'Next'.

Review the inscription costs, and if everything aligns, click 'Inscribe', followed by confirming the transaction through your wallet.

Your transaction is now en route to broadcasting, and the inscription will be embedded within your wallet.


While domain name inscription isn't a novel concept on Magic Eden, the capability to inscribe multiple domains concurrently is an exciting development.

Initiating this process requires inscribing domains currently enabled on Magic Eden. To access the list of enabled domains, click the information (i) icon adjacent to 'Allowed Domains:'.

Commence the inscribing process by entering each domain on separate lines, then proceed by clicking 'Next'.

The subsequent screen presents a comprehensive view of requested domains that are available as well as those that have already been claimed. Your inscription options are limited to available domains exclusively.

For any required edits, utilize the 'Back' button. Otherwise, scroll down, confirm your final amount, and finalize the inscription by clicking 'Inscribe'. You can learn more about inscribing domains in this guide.

Embrace the power of inscriptions on Magic Eden and shape the future of digital creation.

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