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Magic Eden Bitcoin Ordinals: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started
Magic Eden Bitcoin Ordinals: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

Enter the enchanting world of Magic Eden on Bitcoin and learn how to mint on our Launchpad and trade on the secondary market with ease

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Welcome to the captivating realm of Magic Eden, where you can embark on a mesmerizing journey with Bitcoin Ordinals. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to get started on Magic Eden, including setting up your wallet, funding it with Bitcoin, minting on the Launchpad, and trading on the secondary market.

Creating a wallet for Ordinals on Magic Eden

Before you dive into the magical world of Bitcoin Ordinals, you need a suitable wallet to safeguard your treasures. Be sure to always safely store and never share your seed phrase. Magic Eden currently supports three wallets for Ordinals:

Note: It is essential to have only one wallet extension to avoid potential conflicts and unexpected issues.

Understanding wallet addresses

When using wallets for Ordinals on Magic Eden, you will have two Bitcoin addresses:

  • One for keeping your Bitcoin for purchases.

  • Another dedicated solely to Ordinals inscriptions and Digital Artifacts (known as a Taproot address).

Additionally, some wallets may display two STX addresses, which you can ignore for now.

Hiro wallet

Xverse wallet

Bitcoin (for funding):

Ordinals Taproot address (for inscriptions):

Funding your wallet with Bitcoin

If you're new to Bitcoin transactions, it's essential to be aware that they might take longer than other chains you're familiar with. This delay ensures a secure and safe transfer. To avoid any last-minute delays, we recommend funding your wallet well in advance before minting or trading.

Here are the steps to fund your wallet:

  • Purchase Bitcoin from most CEXs (Cryptocurrency Exchanges) if you don't have any.

  • Add the Bitcoin RECEIVE wallet address to receive the funds in your wallet.

Never send your Bitcoin to the Ordinals address.

Please be patient during the transaction as Bitcoin transactions can be slow. Once the transaction is successful, your wallet will be funded and ready for action.

Minting on Magic Eden Ordinals Launchpad

Welcome to the Launchpad, an extraordinary experience that may differ from what you've encountered on other chains. If this is your first time transacting on Ordinals with your wallet, you'll need to prepare your wallet first by confirming a popup prompt.

Follow these steps to mint Digital Artifacts:

  • Ensure your wallet is prepared for minting.

  • Click the "mint" button once.

  • Depending on the creator's instructions, you may be on a whitelist or have public access.

  • Avoid using imported wallets for minting; use a fresh wallet dedicated to the minting process.

  • Be patient, as Bitcoin transactions may take time to process.

  • To track your minting transaction, click "Click here to view." This will lead you to Mempool, where you can find an estimated time of arrival for your transaction.

  • Remember, you cannot broadcast a transaction more than once.

Trading on Ordinals secondary market

Now, let's explore the secondary market for trading your Digital Artifacts.

  • Connect your wallet to

  • Access your Bitcoin Payments Wallet and Ordinals Wallet in the top right corner.

  • Click "My items" to view and list your inscriptions.

  • Browse your favorite collections and purchase digital artifacts you love.

Launching Ordinals on Magic Eden

Calling all creators! If you're interested in partnering with us to launch your extraordinary Ordinals on the Launchpad, we'd love to chat with you. Start by getting in touch with us here.

Embark on your wondrous journey with Magic Eden Bitcoin Ordinals today, and let the magic unfold before your eyes!

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