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How to get started on Magic Eden Bitcoin Ordinals
How to get started on Magic Eden Bitcoin Ordinals
Learn about how to get started on Magic Eden on Bitcoin, including minting on our Launchpad and trading on secondary!
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Creating a wallet:

First thing is first, you need a wallet! There are 3 wallets that you can currently use for Ordinals on Magic Eden:

Be sure to always safely store and never share your seed phrase!

IMPORTANT: Have ONLY 1 wallet extension. If you have more, they will conflict & cause issues.

There are some important call outs about wallets which support Ordinals:

You will have 2 Bitcoin addresses, one where you will keep your Bitcoin for purchases and the other ONLY for Ordinals inscriptions/NFTs (this is known as a Taproot address).

Additionally, wallets may display 2 STX addresses, you can ignore those for now.

Hiro Wallet:

Xverse Wallet:

Bitcoin (for funds):

Ordinals (for Inscriptions/NFT):

Funding your wallet with Bitcoin:

If you’re not familiar with operating on Bitcoin, transactions may move slower than some chains you’re familiar with. It’s important to be aware of this and be prepared that slower transactions are not indicative of a failed transaction, just a secure and safe one.

We recommend you fund your wallet well in advance ahead of minting or trading. Actual duration for funds to transfer to the wallet vary widely based on a number of factors, so we recommend that you transfer Bitcoin to your minting wallet at least one hour before the mint starts.

Bitcoin can be purchased at most CEX’s, you likely may already hold Bitcoin. It’s now time to fund your wallet.

When adding the receive address to fund Bitcoin, add BITCOIN RECEIVE wallet address from the last step.

Do not send your Bitcoin to the Ordinals address!

Once the transaction goes through, your wallet should be funded.

Minting on Magic Eden Ordinals Launchpad:

Welcome to Launchpad! An experience many of you may think you already know from other chains. However, it can be quite a different experience on Bitcoin.

First, if you have not transacted previously on Ordinals with your wallet you will have to prepare your wallet first. A popup will come up asking you to prepare, please confirm this in your wallet.

Once that happens your wallet is ready to mint!

You may be on a whitelist or may only be able to mint public, this would be determined by the creator prior to the mint.

To mint, simply click the mint button once. Once your mint is submitted and approved in your wallet, you will see the below that the transaction was submitted:

It’s important to note again that Bitcoin transactions may move slow! Do not panic that you aren’t receiving your inscription instantly. Give it time!

To track your transaction, simply click the “Click here to view”

This will bring you to Mempool, where you can find an ETA on the transaction. In this example below you can see the transaction has an ETA of ~9 minutes. Perhaps grab yourself a glass of water while Bitcoin gets to work!

Please note - you will NOT be able to broadcast a transaction more than once. Once you have clicked it once, you will get the below error message warning that you have already minted.

Once the transaction is all settled, your inscription will arrive in your Ordinals wallet!

Trading on Ordinals Secondary:

After all the above, you’re pretty much set up!

To buy & sell Bitcoin Ordinals on, all you simply need to do is connect your wallet.

Click into your wallet in the top right corner and you can see your Bitcoin Payments Wallet and your Ordinals Wallet.

Click into My items to view your items, where you can then list.

Buying inscriptions on Magic Eden is simple! Just head on to your favorite collection and buy the Digital Artifacts which like!

Launching Ordinals on Magic Eden:

Are you a creator interested in partnering with us to launch your Ordinals on Launchpad? We’d love to chat with you. Start by getting in touch with us here.

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