The Creator Hub is a one-stop shop for creators to list and manage their collections on Magic Eden. There are a handful of things that you do on the dashboard as a creator:

Create/Submit a Listing Application:

If your collection is not listed on Magic Eden, you can submit a listing application on Creator Hub. Do prepare the necessary information about your collection such as your hashlist & creator ID before submitting an application. Learn more here.

Submitting Collection Updates:

If your collection is already listed on Magic Eden, you can simply login and submit any updates you have - collection description/social media links. Find out more here.

⚠️ If your collection is already listed on Magic Eden but you have never used Creator Hub before, you'll need to claim the ownership of the collection before any updates can be made. You can request for that here.

Getting on the Drop Calendar:

The Creator Hub is also where you can submit your unminted collection on our Drop Calendar - where users can discover upcoming NFT drops across Solana or Ethereum. Learn how to do so here.

Submitting a Creator Announcement:

On Creator Hub, you will be able to create and make announcements to your holders! All announcements will be displayed on your collection page. Find out more.

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