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How could I tell if I was airdropped a scam Magic Ticket?
How could I tell if I was airdropped a scam Magic Ticket?
Being aware of scams pretending to be Magic Eden
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Recently scammers have ramped up their efforts at phishing attempts by creating fake Magic Tickets and sending them directly to users wallets.

These fake Magic Tickets will direct you to a scam website and request you to connect your wallet and ‘unpack’ the ticket. Magic Eden will NEVER ask you to pay for an unpacking fee to obtain your role in discord.

These are very similar in appearance to the real Magic Tickets that were airdropped to users wallets on February 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2022. As per our official Twitter statement, we have not dropped any Magic Tickets since.

Identifying Fake Magic Tickets

If you are concerned that your Magic Ticket might be fake you can verify by taking a quick look at the details of the ‘Magic Ticket’ in Solscan.

Here’s a quick example on how to do this:

To start you will want to select the NFT in your Wallet. (For example on process we’ll be using Phantom wallet.)

Step 1. Click on the triple dots in the corner.
Step 2. Click “View on Solscan”.

Step 3. This should pop open a new tab where you can examine the details of the item in question. On this page you’re going to want to check the Metadata tab and verify the Creator ID against the table below.

Ticket Tier

Creator ID







What to do from here

If you’ve discovered that you have a fake ticket in your possession we recommend that you dispose of it at your earliest convenience. This can be done by sending the NFT to a good community burn wallet. (Trash.sol or Burn.sol)

If you’d like to acquire a Magic Ticket: Please visit our Marketplace and check out some of the listings your fellow collectors have posted.

Additionally we would also like to encourage those who are still learning, or if you’d like some tips on safety, to visit these related articles to help educate themselves further:

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