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Magic Eden Wallet and Phishing Emails: Stay Alert and Protected
Magic Eden Wallet and Phishing Emails: Stay Alert and Protected

Defend your assets against phishing attacks – stay vigilant, stay secure.

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At Magic Eden Wallet, your security and the safety of your assets are our top priorities. With the rise in cyber-attacks and phishing attempts in the crypto world, it's crucial to be vigilant and aware.

If you receive an email from any address associated with Magic Eden Wallet requesting your 12-word secret recovery phrase, be alarmed – this is a phishing attempt aiming to steal your assets.

Important note:

Magic Eden will never request sensitive information like your secret recovery phrase, private keys, or passwords.

Understanding phishing emails

Phishing emails can be misleading as they might seem to come from a trusted platform. They're crafted to make you perform an action - whether it's clicking a link, downloading an attachment, or divulging personal information. Often, these emails pretend to be from support teams, like the ones at Magic Eden Wallet.

Such malicious emails might:

  • Redirect you to other sites.

  • Ask for a reply to a different email address.

  • Urge you to send funds for a so-called "backup procedure."

  • Request your 12-word secret recovery phrase for "verification."

Avoid engaging with these emails. The intent behind them is to steal your assets or deceive you into transferring your funds to the attacker's wallet.

If you believe you've received a scam email pretending to be from Magic Eden Wallet, notify us immediately. We are dedicated to safeguarding our users, and community reporting assists us in this mission.

Steps to take if you receive a phishing email

  • Avoid interacting: Do not open, and delete it immediately.

  • Stay clear of links: Do not click on any links within the email.

  • Avoid attachments: These might contain malware that can compromise your device.

  • Never share secrets: Never disclose your private keys or 12-word secret recovery phrase.

  • No fund transfers: If you transfer assets to a scammer, you cannot retrieve them.

  • Do not respond: Ignoring is the best approach.

  • Report: Inform us via our support team, if you suspect a phishing attempt.

Protecting yourself from phishing

To bolster your defenses against phishing:

  • Utilize spam filters: Tighten spam filter settings with providers like Gmail or Apple's VIP.

  • Spotting phishing attempts: Review sender details, look for grammatical errors, and be wary of urgent requests.

  • Avoid suspicious links and attachments: Exercise caution with unfamiliar emails.

  • Regular device checks: Ensure that your device's anti-virus and security settings are up-to-date.

  • Stay informed: Awareness of common scams and phishing tactics in the crypto world can substantially reduce your vulnerability. Understand the risks and familiarize yourself with best security practices.

Your security is paramount to us. Always practice caution and stay informed. If you have concerns or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help and ensure your crypto journey is secure and seamless.

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