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How do I know if I'm connecting to the real Magic Eden?
How do I know if I'm connecting to the real Magic Eden?
Getting more savvy in recognizing phishing scams
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One of the most popular scams in the NFT space is a Phishing Site. What the scammers try to do is copy a legitimate website to trick you into doing something that would allow them to rob you.

How does it work?

  1. The website looks real and you connect your wallet like you normally would.

  2. They show something to make you click a button: you see a great offer of some kind, you won something, you try to mint, there's a limited time/amount of tokens, etc.

  3. You approve (or sign a transaction for) a seemingly harmless transfer in your wallet.


This is one of those times where you should have DYOR (Do Your Own Research)!

So how do you DYOR then?

  1. ALWAYS make sure you're on the right website. Magic Eden has the domain. If you are on a website that uses anything else, you're on a scam site. Leave immediately! Some examples of a phishing domain:




    4.", etc...

  2. Only visit links from our official Twitter or official Discord. Scammers will create phishing links that look the same as our official links.

    1. ME Official Twitter: @MagicEden

    2. Official Discord: ME Discord

    3. Help Centre:

What do these sites actually look like?

Our Customer Support team has collected some real examples from dealing with support tickets in the past. Here's a few of them:

Here's one that was trying to capitalize on a project's mint and using social media to get people a day before the actual mint took place:

What can you do if you were a victim?

Unfortunately not much, which is why you should always DYOR. Such is the current nature of trading crypto currencies and NFTs. Knowledge and patience are currently your best weapons to fight the scammers and hackers.

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