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Transitioning to the New Xverse Import Method in Magic Eden Wallet
Transitioning to the New Xverse Import Method in Magic Eden Wallet

Seamless upgrades for a better wallet experience.

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Magic Eden Wallet is introducing a significant update to improve the user experience with Xverse wallet imports. This guide outlines the upcoming changes, their implications, and how users can smoothly transition to the new import method.

What’s changing?

Current situation

  • Previous account merging: Accounts imported from Xverse to Magic Eden Wallet were merged into a single account. This caused issues with BTC dApp integrations, as users could not access their existing accounts.

Upcoming changes

  • New build implementation: Starting with build 2.14.2, Xverse addresses with multiple accounts will be properly supported without merging them.

  • Import options: Users will now have two options for importing Xverse wallets:

    1. Legacy Xverse version (merged accounts)

    2. New Xverse version (unmerged accounts)

How to use an unmerged or merged Xverse account

Select wallet provider

By default, the wallet is set to 'Auto-Detect', attempting to recognize the source wallet. To ensure accuracy and prevent derivation path importing issues, click on the 'Change' button.

Choose wallet provider

A list of popular wallet providers will be displayed.

Unmerged Xverse account

Users can now manually select an unmerged Xverse account.

Legacy option

Users will still have the option to select Xverse (Legacy) for merged accounts.

Sunset of legacy import method

Starting in June 2024, Magic Eden Wallet will begin the transition with build 2.14.2. Reminders across various channels will be posted to encourage users to upgrade. Finally, in August 2025, the legacy Xverse import method will officially sunset.

Impact on customers

  • Existing customers: Can continue using their current accounts until August 1, 2025. After this date, merged accounts will not be accessible without advanced software.

  • New users: Should use the new import method immediately.

  • Migration steps: Re-import your wallet using the new Xverse construct before August 1, 2025. For detailed instructions on how to re-import your wallet, follow this detailed guide: Importing Your Wallet into Magic Eden.

We appreciate your understanding and support during this transition. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our support team by clicking on the chat widget at

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