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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin Ordinals on Magic Eden
How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin Ordinals on Magic Eden

A guide to connecting your wallet, preparing for transactions, and purchasing Digital Artifacts on the Magic Eden Ordinals Marketplace

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Connecting your wallet

To buy and sell Bitcoin Ordinals on, you need to connect your wallet. You can do this by clicking the familiar button at the top right of the screen.

Currently, you have the option to connect your Xverse, Unisat, or Hiro wallet to Magic Eden.

Important note:
Digital Artifacts on Bitcoin should only be sent to specific addresses which are set up to receive Ordinals.

When you connect your wallet, note you are using two addresses:

  • the Ordinals address for receiving and storing the Digital Artifacts; and

  • the Bitcoin address for payments and transaction fees

Refer to this article, where we review how you can find your Ordinals Address using Hiro or Xverse wallet.

Preparing your wallet

Before you can complete a transaction on the Magic Eden Ordinals Marketplace, you need to prepare your wallet. When you make your first transaction, a message will appear on your screen.

Click the "Prepare Your Wallet" button. This will take you to a transaction in your wallet that you must approve. Here's an example of what the approval transaction looks like in Xverse wallet:

Once you confirm this transaction, you'll receive a message on Magic Eden. Please note that Bitcoin transactions take some time to be processed. Once the transaction is finalized on the Bitcoin blockchain, you'll be able to trade on the marketplace.

Purchasing a Digital Artifact

You can browse Digital Artifacts on Magic Eden similar to how you normally would. However, Bitcoin transactions take time to be confirmed, this can take upwards of 7 minutes. The time it will take will vary depending on the activity on the Blockchain.

When a Digital Artifact is purchased on Magic Eden, it'll be locked from trading until the transaction is confirmed or fails. You'll see this noted in the user interface.

When you see this message displayed, it refers to a Digital Artifact that has already been locked from trading.

To learn more about the Bitcoin mempool, you can read our article Bitcoin Ordinals: A Beginner's Guide.

Creator royalties on Bitcoin

At Magic Eden, we understand the importance of royalties for creators. However, due to the lack of tools available for secure and trustless royalty enforcement in the Ordinals ecosystem, we have decided to launch our platform on Bitcoin without royalty support at present.

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