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Magic Eden Wallet Integration with Liquidium for Enhanced Rewards
Magic Eden Wallet Integration with Liquidium for Enhanced Rewards

Unlocking a new era of possibilities in digital artifacts and Bitcoin lending

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In a monumental collaboration bridging the worlds of decentralized finance and digital artifacts, Liquidium and Magic Eden have joined forces to unlock new possibilities for the Bitcoin Ordinals community.

The Liquidium - Magic Eden partnership

Liquidium and Magic Eden have teamed up to pioneer a transformative partnership. With Magic Eden leading the way in digital artifacts and Liquidium excelling in Bitcoin lending, this collaboration promises innovative solutions and added value for users.

Exclusive 1.25x points boost for Magic Eden wallet users

To celebrate this integration, we're introducing an exclusive offer: Magic Eden Wallet users will enjoy a 1.25x boost on all Liquidium Points earned. It's our way of saying thank you for embracing this partnership and exploring the enhanced features of Magic Eden Wallet.

The 1.25x multiplier for Magic Eden x Liquidium points will last from 19th February at 11 am PST to 19th March at 11 pm PST, with the points reflecting almost instantly in your account.

What are Liquidium points?

Liquidium points function as a loyalty indicator and are not redeemable. There are ongoing discussions about potentially making the points redeemable for blockchain tokens or other benefits, pending regulatory considerations and at Liquidium's discretion. Please note that U.S. individuals will not be eligible for potential tokens.

Liquidium retains the right to determine any potential redemption timeline, token issuance, and conversion rates.

Earning Liquidium points

Liquidium points distribution is as follows:

  • Lenders: Earn 100% of the points upon initiating the loan.

  • Borrowers: Earn 50% of the points at the start of the loan and the remaining 50% upon complete loan repayment.

  • Example: For a loan of 0.1 BTC, the lender earns 10,000 points at initiation. The borrower earns 5,000 points at the start and another 5,000 upon repayment. If the loan is not repaid, the borrower retains the initial 5,000 points.


Liquidium may amend how Liquidium points are calculated in the future, which will be effective immediately upon publication on the Liquidium website.

Viewing Liquidium point balance

Your Liquidium point balance can be viewed in your portfolio, accessible from the navigation bar.

Your points are also easily viewable by clicking the profile icon in the top right of the platform.

Sometimes the points do need time to update. If you detect any irregularities, wait for some time and refresh the page.

Getting help with Liquidium points

For assistance with Liquidium points, join the Liquidium Discord and open a ticket.

Importing existing wallet (Xverse) to ME Wallet

When it comes to importing existing wallets from Xverse to ME Wallet, it's important to note that there is no way to migrate points from Xverse to ME wallet, as the two platforms use different wallet standards.

You can learn more about how the two products differ in architecture and Magic Eden’s choice for structuring here.

Impact of migration on points

If you export your ME wallet to another wallet provider, you won’t be able to earn a 1.25x multiplier during the specified period, as the ME wallet is the only wallet receiving the multiplier.

Creating new wallets

Creating a new ME Wallet is recommended if you've been earning Liquidium points across Xverse wallet, allowing you to benefit from the ME point multiplier.

Every account you open within your ME wallet will earn points, with the multiplier applying to all accounts depending on which account you are lending or borrowing from.

Merging best practices

Merging Xverse Wallet with ME Wallet is not recommended due to potential inconsistencies regarding points and Bitcoin balances.

If you have already begun earning Liquidium points across Xverse wallet, we recommend that you create a new ME Wallet to take advantage of the ME point multiplier.

Multiple accounts under one seed phrase

The decision to create multiple accounts under one seed phrase for Magic Eden Wallet depends on your preference, with every account enjoying the 1.25x multiplier during the specified period.

As Liquidium and Magic Eden pave the way for innovation in decentralized finance and NFTs, this partnership stands as a testament to the transformative potential of collaboration in the rapidly evolving Bitcoin Ordinals landscape.

Start earning 1.25x rewards on Liquidium today!

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