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Prioritize Magic Eden Wallet for effortless connections
Prioritize Magic Eden Wallet for effortless connections

Prioritize Magic Eden Wallet – Your gateway to seamless Crypto transactions

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Learn to wield the prioritization feature to make Magic Eden your default wallet, ensuring effortless connections to your preferred dApps.

At Magic Eden, we're dedicated to enhancing your experience. We're actively collaborating with more dApps to simplify and streamline your login process across the entire ecosystem.

Connecting when Magic Eden Wallet is not listed

If Magic Eden Wallet is not on the list of supported wallets for a dApp or Web3 application, take charge by using the "Prioritize Magic Eden" feature. Follow these simple steps to prioritize Magic Eden and enjoy frictionless connections to crypto applications.

How to activate the 'Prioritize Magic Eden' function

  • Open Magic Eden Wallet.

  • Go to the profile tab at the bottom of the wallet.

  • Click the settings icon.

  • Toggle the 'Prioritize Magic Eden' switch to make it your default wallet.

Connecting with Magic Eden Wallet when 'Prioritize Magic Eden' is switched on

The 'Prioritize Magic Eden' function enables you to inject Magic Eden Wallet seamlessly over other providers. This ongoing effort with various dApps ensures you can effortlessly log in to any dApp within the Magic Eden ecosystem.

When "Prioritize Magic Eden" is activated, choose other wallet providers for connection:

  • For Solana dApps, select the Phantom option.

  • For Ethereum or Polygon, opt for Metamask.

  • Connecting to a Bitcoin application? Choose Xverse.

Turning off 'Prioritize Magic Eden'

Switching back is as easy as turning off the "Prioritize Magic Eden" feature. Follow these steps to explore alternative wallets.

  • Visit the account tab.

  • Click settings.

  • Toggle off "Prioritize Magic Eden."

  • Hard refresh your webpage.

  • Explore other wallets seamlessly.

Changing your mind? Toggle the feature back on in the same convenient location.

Simplify your crypto journey by prioritizing Magic Eden. If you have any questions or need support, don't hesitate to contact our support team by opening a ticket, using the chat widget.

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