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Managing Transactions with Blur ETH (BETH) on Magic Eden
Managing Transactions with Blur ETH (BETH) on Magic Eden

Navigating transactions with BETH.

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Welcome to Magic Eden's Help Centre! As a platform aggregating Ethereum NFT listings, we understand the unique challenges users can face when dealing with Blur ETH (BETH) transactions. This guide aims to provide clarity on utilizing BETH within our ecosystem, whether it's for withdrawals or purchases.

Understanding BETH

Blur Ethereum (BETH) is a currency specific to the Blur platform, utilized for transactions within its ecosystem. As an Ethereum-based token, BETH operates similarly to ETH but is tailored for Blur's functionalities.

Converting BETH

Magic Eden makes it easy to convert Blur ETH (BETH) to ETH within the instant sell/offer flow. When accepting an offer or selling into a bid of BETH, simply check the checkbox labeled "Auto-convert BETH to ETH." We will handle the swap for you.

Converting BETH on Blur

If you've overlooked converting your BETH to ETH on Magic Eden, Blur provides a solution. Start by visiting the Blur website and connecting your wallet. Locate and click on your ETH balance, in the top right hand corner. Then find your pool balance, which mirrors your BETH holdings.

Click on the "Withdraw Funds from Pool" tab, specify the desired amount for conversion, and proceed by clicking "Withdraw from Pool". Confirm the transaction in your connected wallet and pay the associated gas fee.

Transaction prioritization and challenges

When purchasing Blur listings aggregated on Magic Eden, it's crucial to grasp how transactions are prioritized to mitigate potential issues. Due to Blur's unique system, transactions may encounter the following challenges:

  • Priority of BETH balance: Transactions on Blur prioritize BETH over ETH. This means that when making purchases, the system utilizes your BETH balance first, potentially leading to confusion if not properly managed.

  • Handling multiple items: Buying multiple items under loan individually can lead to complexities. Depleted BETH balances may result in failed transactions, requiring users to replenish their BETH balance or use ETH for subsequent purchases.

Navigating transactions with Blur ETH (BETH) on Magic Eden requires understanding the nuances of its ecosystem. We're committed to providing the support you need to make your experience seamless. If you encounter any challenges or have questions, our support team is here to assist you. Simply reach out via the chat widget at

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