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Troubleshooting Whitelist Signup Issues on Magic Eden Launchpad
Troubleshooting Whitelist Signup Issues on Magic Eden Launchpad

Ensuring a smooth allowlist experience with proven solutions

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Encountering issues during the signup for whitelist opportunities on the Magic Eden Launchpad can be challenging. To assist you in navigating through these challenges, we've compiled a set of troubleshooting steps. Read on for a seamless experience.

Clear cache and history

Begin by clearing your browser's cache and history. This step is crucial to eliminate any stored data that may be causing interference with the signup process.

Incognito mode login

Try logging in to your wallet while in incognito mode. This can often resolve issues related to cached data or conflicting browser settings that may hinder the signup process.

Try multiple browsers

Experiment with different browsers, such as Chrome, Brave, or others. Compatibility issues with a specific browser might be at the root of the problem, and switching can make a significant difference.

Utilize different devices

If the problem persists, attempt to use a different device, switching between your PC and mobile. This can help identify and eliminate device-specific issues, providing a fresh environment for the signup process.

Our Terms of Service does not allow the use of VPNs, so we won't be able to help you with troubleshooting if you're using one.

Manage wallet extensions

If you have multiple wallet extensions (e.g., Xverse and Unisat) in the same browser, conflicts may arise. Disable extensions not in use during the minting process, and also consider turning off any ad blockers that might obstruct your view of the whitelist status.

We trust that these troubleshooting tips will assist you in overcoming challenges during the allowlist signup process. Should the issue persist or if you have additional concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Our goal is to make your Magic Eden minting experience as seamless as possible.

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