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How to Claim Your Whitelist (WL) Spot on Magic Eden
How to Claim Your Whitelist (WL) Spot on Magic Eden

A step-by-step guide to get your wallet whitelisted for exclusive minting opportunities

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If you're eager to participate in exclusive token minting opportunities on Magic Eden's Launchpad, getting your wallet whitelisted (allowlisted) is the first crucial step. This guide will walk you through the process of submitting your wallet, fulfilling the requirements, and securing your spot on the whitelist. Additionally, we'll address common questions and provide solutions to potential issues you might encounter.

Submitting your wallet

To begin the wallet submission process, visit the Launchpad page of the project you're interested in minting. If you're uncertain about the link, you can ask the project directly or follow this format:[collection_name].

On the Launchpad page, you'll find step-by-step instructions to confirm your whitelist spot and add your wallet to the official allowlist. Depending on the project, opportunities for ETH, SOL or MATIC NFT projects may be available.

Read the requirements carefully

Make sure to carefully read the text in the "Requirements" box. It will inform you about the specific Discord role(s) you need to qualify for the allowlist.

Connect your wallet

Click on "Connect your wallet" to link your wallet with Magic Eden.

Sign in to Magic Eden

After connecting your wallet, sign in with your wallet credentials.

Connect your Discord

Open the "Connect your Discord" popup and authenticate your Discord account. This allows verification that you possess the required Discord roles.

Depending on the project, you may also need to connect your Twitter account, own a specific NFT, or meet minimum SOL/ETH holdings. Simply follow the instructions provided.

Once you've fulfilled all the requirements, click "Verify and Enter" at the bottom to add your currently signed-in wallet to the allowlist.

If you successfully qualify for the allowlist, you will see a success screen.

Changing an allowlisted wallet

If you wish to use a different wallet for token minting, follow these steps to switch your allowlist spot to the second wallet:

  • Switch Wallets: Use your wallet extension (e.g., Phantom or Metamask) to switch to the other wallet.

  • Connect the New Wallet: Go through the steps of connecting the new wallet, signing in, and linking your Discord account.

  • Swap Wallets: You'll see a screen with an option to swap your allowlisted wallet for the one you're currently signed in with. Tap the "Switch To My Current Wallet" button to make the switch.

If successful, the wallet address will update to your current wallet.

After wallet submission

Once the wallet submission period ends, you will no longer be able to enter the allowlist and will see a notification confirming this.

If you have successfully submitted your wallet, you will still be able to view the wallet address but will no longer be able to edit it.

Frequently asked questions

I'm getting an error! Why can't I submit my wallet?

If you encounter an error when clicking "Verify and Enter," one of the following may be true. For further assistance, please contact the project through their Discord.

  • You are not a member of the collection's Discord server.

  • You lack the required Discord roles for the allowlist spot.

I'm still getting an error even if I'm in the collection's Discord server with the right role! How can I fix this?

Here are some tips to resolve the issue:

  • Try accessing the page from a desktop computer rather than a mobile device.

  • Use either Chrome or Brave browser.

  • Disable ad blockers and allow pop-ups.

  • Clear your browser cache and perform a hard reset.

  • Disconnect and then reconnect your Discord account through the Magic List form or your ME profile page before trying again.

Can I add my wallet to the allowlist without signing in?

No, signing in with your wallet is mandatory to verify that you meet the allowlist requirements.

Can I see my allowlisted wallet if I’m signed into another wallet?

Yes, once you connect your Discord to your Magic Eden account, you can view your allowlisted wallet either through the allowlist page or the "Link Discord" button on your profile page.

Can I swap my allowlisted wallet for another one of my wallets?

Yes, you can swap your allowlisted wallet for another one of your wallets. Sign in to the desired wallet, follow the steps to connect your Discord, and use the button provided to perform the swap.

When does wallet collection close?

Typically, wallet collection closes 24 hours before the token minting event, but this may vary depending on the project.

Can I enter the allowlist or edit my wallet after the allowlist closes?

No, once the allowlist closes, you cannot enter or edit your wallet. If you believe there should be an exception, please contact the project creators and their Discord moderators directly.

By following these instructions and tips, you can claim your whitelist spot successfully and participate in exciting minting opportunities through Magic Eden's Launchpad. For further assistance, always feel free to reach out to the project's support team via their Discord channel. Happy minting!

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