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Capturing and Sharing Screenshots with Magic Eden Support
Capturing and Sharing Screenshots with Magic Eden Support

A step-by-step guide to visual communication

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At Magic Eden, we're dedicated to ensuring you have a seamless experience. Occasionally, our support team might require a visual representation of any issues or queries you have. Screenshots are an effective way to communicate these visual details. This guide is designed to assist you in taking and sharing screenshots safely and efficiently.

Important note:
Magic Eden will never ask for sensitive details like passwords or secret phrases. Ensure that any screenshot you share does not contain sensitive information.

Taking a screenshot on mobile


  • Navigate to the screen you wish to capture.

  • For iPhone X and newer, simultaneously press and hold the Side button and the Volume Up button. A white flash will indicate the screenshot was taken.

For detailed instructions, see Apple's guide.


Capturing screenshots might vary between Android devices. Typically:

  • Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together.

  • If your device has a physical Home button, use the Power and Home buttons instead.

Taking a screenshot on desktop


We recommend the Snipping Tool for specific screen captures, or Alt + PrnScn for a full screen.

  • Click the Windows start icon on your taskbar.

  • Type "Snipping Tool" and select the app.

  • Choose the desired mode, click 'New', and select the screen area to capture.

For a comprehensive guide, refer to Microsoft's guide.


Use built-in shortcuts for quick screenshots.

  • Full screen: Shift+Command+3

  • Screen section: Shift+Command+4

  • Specific window: Shift+Command+4+Space

Once captured, locate the .png screenshot on your desktop.

For further guidance, consult Apple's guide.

Linux (Ubuntu 22.04 example):

  • Click on the 9 dots (Applications drawer) in your taskbar.

  • Access the search bar at the top.

  • Type "Screenshot" and open the application.

  • Adjust settings and take your screenshot.

Ensuring clear communication is paramount for us at Magic Eden, and screenshots often provide the clarity needed to resolve issues efficiently. By following this guide, you can capture and share the necessary information with our support team, ensuring prompt and effective assistance. Always remember to safeguard your sensitive information when sharing any content.

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