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Rejected from Creator Hub - Team or Community Discretion
Rejected from Creator Hub - Team or Community Discretion

Navigating the Creator Hub Application Process: Understanding Rejection and Resubmission

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When applying to the Creator Hub, there may be instances where your application is rejected at the discretion of the team. This article aims to provide clarity on the reasons for rejection and the steps you can take if you believe your application was rejected in error.

Reasons for Rejection:

  • High Risk of Scam/Rug: One possible reason for rejection is if your application is deemed to have a high risk of scam or rug behavior. This can include suspicious activities or intentions that could potentially harm the community or platform.

  • Botted Followers/No or Low Followers/Brand New Account: If your application reflects a significant number of botted followers, a lack of followers, or an account that is relatively new, it may be a reason for rejection. These factors could indicate an insufficient presence or engagement within the community.

  • Only One Person in Your Discord: Another reason for rejection might be if your application shows that you are the sole member in your Discord community. Collaborative engagement and active participation in a community are generally preferred.

  • Content that Does Not Meet Standards: Applications may be rejected if the content presented does not meet the platform's standards. This could include inappropriate or offensive material, violation of copyright or intellectual property rights, or other content guidelines specified by the platform.

  • Serial Scammers/Spammers: Serial scammers and spammers, individuals who have a history of fraudulent or deceptive activities, will be rejected to maintain the integrity and safety of the community.

Resubmission and Additional Information

If you believe that your application was rejected in error, you have the opportunity to resubmit your application. When doing so, it is important to utilize the comment section to provide any extra information that might assist the reviewing team in reconsidering your application. This could include clarifications, explanations, or additional context that may shed light on your suitability as a creator on our platform.

Review the Content Guidelines


To ensure a better understanding of the platform's content expectations, we encourage you to review the content guidelines provided at the following link: Content Guidelines

Rejection from the Creator Hub can occur at the discretion of the team for various reasons, including high scam risk, low engagement, content that does not meet standards, or being a serial scammer/spammer. If you believe your application was rejected in error, you can resubmit and provide additional information in the comment section to assist the reviewing team.

Familiarizing yourself with the platform's content guidelines is also recommended to ensure compliance and increase your chances of a successful application.

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