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Resolving Flagged Collections: Your Options as an Creator
Resolving Flagged Collections: Your Options as an Creator

Navigating flagged collections with confidence and support

Updated over a week ago

Has your collection been flagged? We understand how concerning and frustrating this can be. In this article, we will guide you through the process of addressing flagged collections and provide you with the necessary information to resolve the issue. If you believe that your collection was flagged incorrectly, rest assured that our Listings team is here to assist you. Reach out to us via the Magic Eden Help Center, and we will work together to find a solution.

Contacting Magic Eden Help Center

If you believe that your collection was wrongly flagged, the first step is to contact our support team through the Magic Eden Help Center. Here's how:

  • Visit the Magic Eden Help Center: To initiate the process, head over to our Help Center, where you can access a variety of resources to assist you.

  • Locate the Chat Widget section: In the Help Center, navigate to the "Chat Widget" section at the bottom right of the screen. This is where you can reach out to our dedicated support team.

  • Provide relevant details: When contacting us, make sure to include essential information such as your collection's name, any specific reasons why you believe it was flagged incorrectly, and any evidence or documentation supporting your claim.

  • Submit your request: Once you've provided the necessary information, submit your request by clicking the appropriate button. Our support team will receive your message and begin the review process.

Review and Resolution Process

Once your request has been received, our Listings team will initiate a thorough review of your flagged collection.

Here's what you can expect during this process:

  • Detailed examination: Our Listings team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your collection, taking into account the flagged elements and the reasons provided for the flagging.

  • Prompt response: We understand that your time is valuable, and we aim to respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. While the review process may take some time, we will strive to provide you with a timely update.

  • Communication and collaboration: Throughout the review, we may reach out to you for additional information or clarification. It's important to remain engaged and responsive to ensure a smooth and efficient resolution.

  • Resolution notification: Once our review is complete, we will notify you of the outcome and provide a detailed explanation for the decision made. If your collection was flagged incorrectly, we will take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

Content Guidelines and Community Standards

At Magic Eden, we maintain a respectful and inclusive community. To ensure a positive experience for all users, we have established content guidelines. Familiarizing yourself with these guidelines is essential for creating and maintaining a collection within our platform.

For more information, please review our comprehensive content guidelines by visiting the following link: Content Guidelines: Building a Respectful and Inclusive Community.

Having your collection flagged can be disheartening, but rest assured that Magic Eden is committed to addressing any issues promptly and fairly. By reaching out to our support team through the Magic Eden Help Center, you initiate the process of resolving the flagging situation. We value your contributions to our platform and are dedicated to maintaining a respectful and inclusive community.

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