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How to Apply for a Badge on Magic Eden: A Guide for Creators
How to Apply for a Badge on Magic Eden: A Guide for Creators

Elevate your collection's authenticity with a Magic Eden Badge

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At Magic Eden, we believe in creating a secure and trusted environment for our users. To achieve this, we have introduced a badge system that signifies the authenticity, significance, and good standing of collections listed on our platform. This article outlines the steps for creators to apply for a badge and enhance their collection's reputation within the Magic Eden community.

Understanding the Badge

The Magic Eden badge is a symbol of credibility, indicating that a collection has met certain criteria to be recognized as genuine and valuable. It's important to note that while the badge demonstrates a collection's merits, it does not imply an endorsement or recommendation from Magic Eden.

Applying for the Badge

The process of applying for a badge varies depending on the blockchain network your collection is associated with. Below are the specific guidelines for both Solana and Polygon collections.

For Solana Collections

If your collection meets the eligibility criteria, applying for the badge is a straightforward process through the 1-click application in the Creator Hub. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Creator Hub on Magic Eden.

  • Locate the 1-click badge application process.

    • If your collection has achieved over 5,000 SOL in volume, the 'Apply for Badging' button will be visible under your listed collection in the Creator Hub.

  • Submit your application.

Upon submission, a review process will be initiated. You can generally expect an acknowledgment within 2 days and a final decision within 4-5 days.

For Polygon Collections

Badge awards for Polygon collections are currently managed manually by the operations team at Magic Eden. Follow these steps to apply for the badge:

  • Access the badge application form for Polygon collections.

  • Complete the necessary details and submit the form.

The Magic Eden team will review your application and determine eligibility based on their discretion.

Strengthening Your Application

To enhance your collection's chances of receiving the badge, you can provide additional information about your project's founders, artists, or team members. This can include:

  • Coverage in reputable publications.

  • Verification on specialized marketplaces.

  • Presence on major social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Adding this information will help showcase the credibility and significance of your collection.

Future Updates

While badges are currently available for Solana and Polygon collections, we are continuously working to enhance the Magic Eden experience. Stay tuned for updates regarding badge availability for Bitcoin Ordinals and Ethereum collections.

We are excited to support creators in showcasing their valuable collections on Magic Eden. The badge system is designed to uplift the credibility of your collection and foster a trustworthy community for all our users. If you have any further questions or require assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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