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Magic Eden Bitcoin: Troubleshooting and FAQ

Troubleshooting Bitcoin made simple: Magic Eden's FAQ guide

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Welcome to the troubleshooting guide for Magic Eden Bitcoin (BTC) platform. This article aims to provide you with relevant information and solutions to common issues you may encounter while accessing our platform. Bitcoin Ordinals is very new and our support team are continually updating our processes. Please refer to the following sections for assistance:

Information required for support tickets

When submitting a support ticket, it is essential to include the following information to help us troubleshoot and resolve your issue effectively:

  • Wallet address

  • Wallet app used

  • Transaction details related to the issue (if applicable)

  • Digital Artifact (also known on other chains as NFT) link (if applicable)

Please ensure you provide all the necessary information for faster and more accurate support.

How to determine that an Digital Artifact sale occurred on Magic Eden

To determine if an Digital Artifact sale is associated with Magic Eden, you can check the transaction details on Mempool. Follow these steps to verify the transaction:

  1. Access the Mempool transaction link provided.

  2. Look for the following indicator in the transaction details:

    • The destination address features a 0.00010000 BTC green arrow on inputs/outputs.

    • This indicates the ordinal being transferred.

  3. Please note that if our platform fee address (3P4WqXDbSLRhzo2H6MT6YFbvBKBDPLbVtQ) is not present in the transaction, it means the trade was not executed on our marketplace.

Wallet FAQ

a) Xverse & Leather (Hiro) wallets:

  • These wallets utilize two addresses:

    • Cardinal address: Used for BTC transfers.

    • Ordinal address: Used for inscriptions.

  • When viewing Mempool transactions related to Xverse and Leather wallets, the selling wallet shown on our site will be the Ordinal address. However, the funds will go to the Cardinal address when examining Mempool transaction details.

  • Please note that currently, there is no way to determine the link between Cardinal and Ordinal addresses.

b) Unisat and OKX wallet:

  • Unisat and OKX wallet employs the same address for both Cardinal and Ordinal purposes.

  • In Mempool transactions involving Unisat or OKX, the selling wallet and the destination wallet should be the same.

Additional frequently asked questions

Why does my transaction indicate that 19 million BTC will be refunded?

  • We use this high value to validate the user's signature and ensure that the transaction remains non-actionable. It is solely for verifying your signature and holds no actionable value.

Why am I encountering the error "Token postage is too big please split the ordinal from the big postage before listing"?

  • This error occurs to prevent floor manipulation. We do not allow listings with significant postage to avoid users listing NFTs with large postage and subsequently increasing the fee for the buyer.

  • Please note that the money is not lost, but refunded to you. However, since the postage is significant, you need to have the required funds for the entire transaction to proceed. Listings with big postage mean you are effectively BTC plus one ordinal, and the buyer must pay for both the BTC and the ordinal.

  • To resolve this, you need to split the ordinal from the big postage before relisting. Make sure the output value for each ordinal does not exceed 100,000 satoshis.

I'm encountering error "There are multiple inscriptions in the same output, please separate them before listing":

  • This error occurs when there is another ordinal present in the same output. Allowing the listing would result in two NFTs being sent from your wallet

  • Please check your wallet for any conflicting ordinals. Selling this output will also sell other NFTs from your wallet. Take caution and ensure that each ordinal is in its individual spot.

  • We recommend communicating clearly with your wallet provider and resolving the issue at their end. Additionally, exercise caution while trading on other marketplaces that may not follow our safety standards of verification.

My transaction is still shows as "pending" in Mempool:

  • If your transaction appears as pending in the Mempool, it is typically due to network congestion and processing delays. Rest assured, the transaction should eventually be completed, but it may take some time due to network speed.

We hope this troubleshooting FAQ has provided you with helpful information for using the Magic Eden Bitcoin (BTC) platform. If you have further questions or encounter any other issues, please feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

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