Utilizing Creator Tips on Magic Eden Bitcoin

Supporting creators on Magic Eden Bitcoin.

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In the vibrant world of Magic Eden's Bitcoin Ordinals platform, collectors have the opportunity to support creators directly through Creator Tips. Whether you're purchasing an inscription or selling one, contributing a tip is a meaningful way to show appreciation for the talent and dedication of artists.

This guide will illustrate how you can pay tips when buying or selling inscriptions and how to identify listings with creator tips.

Purchasing an inscription and paying a Creator Tip

Support collection creators by offering an optional tip. Any amount you select will be sent directly to their designated wallet address. If no wallet has been designated, your tip amount will not be deducted.

Select inscription

Head to the collection you want to purchase an inscription from.

Open item details page

Click on the digital artifact to open up the item details page.

Click the gear icon

In the payment breakdown, click on the gear icon next to 'Creator Tips'.

Select your Creator Tip

You can choose to set no tip or a set percentage tip (2.5%, 5%, or 10%).

Complete purchase

Select your option and proceed with the purchase. The payment breakdown will show the total price including the tip which you selected.

The minimum amount which can be offered as a creator tip is 0.003 BTC. If the listing is priced too low a tip will not be sent.

Paying a Creator Tip when selling an inscription

Seller tips essentially integrate the tip into the price of the listing. Users choose the amount they wish to tip, which adjusts the listing price accordingly.

Access item details page

Visit the item details page of the inscription you are listing. You can easily access this from your profile.

Accessing payment breakdown details

Click the down arrow next to 'You Receive' to access the payment breakdown details.

Configure tip

Click the gear icon to choose your desired tip amount (no tip, 2.5%, 5%, or a custom amount).

Please be aware that the minimum amount for offering a creator tip is 0.003 BTC. This minimum threshold is in place to prevent the creation of UTXOs that are too small and would incur high consolidation costs.

List the inscription

Click the 'List' button and sign the transaction in your wallet.

Viewing listings with a Creator Tip

As a token of appreciation for sharing a portion of your sale with the creator, Magic Eden will showcase your listing prominently in the marketplace.

Explore collections

Visit the collection page to see all listed NFTs.

Identify highlighted listings

Listings with creator tips will be highlighted with a purple love heart icon.

Hover for details

Hover over the icon to view the creator's share from the sale.

Utilizing Creator Tips on Magic Eden's Bitcoin marketplace is a meaningful way to support the talented creators behind the inscriptions. Whether you're buying, selling, or browsing, incorporating tips into your transactions fosters a culture of appreciation and empowerment within the community.

If you have any questions reach out to our support team by clicking on the purple chat widget, we are here to help.

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