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Magic Eden Aggregator: Streamline Your NFT Trading Experience
Magic Eden Aggregator: Streamline Your NFT Trading Experience

Unify your NFT trading: Introducing the Magic Eden aggregator

Updated over a week ago

Magic Eden is thrilled to introduce the Magic Eden Aggregator, a powerful tool that optimizes your trading experience by aggregating listings from various key NFT platforms. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, this aggregator empowers you to seamlessly navigate and manage listings across multiple marketplaces, enhancing your ability to discover, trade, and manage your NFTs efficiently.

Solana aggregation

Buy side aggregation

With the Magic Eden Aggregator, you gain the ability to effortlessly buy and sweep listings from other marketplaces. Discover the floor prices and holder statistics across different platforms so you can make informed decisions and seize exciting trading opportunities. Take advantage of aggregated listings and explore a broader selection of NFTs conveniently from one unified interface.


Sell side listings management

Selling your NFTs becomes a breeze with the Magic Eden Aggregator. Easily view your NFTs listed on other platforms. You can cancel your listings on other marketplaces effortlessly and conveniently relist them on Magic Eden with just a few clicks.

From the item details page, you can easily identify NFTs you have listed on external platforms. Take advantage of the following features:

  • Cancel listings: With a seamless user interface, you can directly cancel your listings from other marketplaces on Magic Eden, eliminating the need to navigate to external platforms.

  • Change price: Adjust the price of your NFTs within Magic Eden. By doing so, you delist the NFTs from external platforms and relist them on Magic Eden with the price of your choice, providing greater flexibility and control over your listings.

Polygon, Base and Ethereum aggregation

An exciting update to the Magic Eden Aggregator is the introduction of Polygon, Base and Ethereum aggregation. This not only broadens the scope of NFTs you can access but also optimizes the trading experience for users of the Polygon network.

Polygon, Base and Ethereum aggregation: A seamless expansion

The new feature ensures that users can:

  • View and purchase Polygon, Base and Ethereum listings: Discover a more extensive range of NFTs from various marketplaces, all under the umbrella of Magic Eden.

  • Stay updated: Access the true, up-to-date floor price & collection stats. This ensures that you're always informed and can make trading decisions with the latest data at your fingertips.

  • Centralized management: Gone are the days of toggling between different platforms. With Magic Eden's aggregator, you can now manage and update ALL your Polygon listings from one central location.

The Magic Eden Aggregator is a game-changer for the NFT marketplace, offering a unified and user-friendly platform for trading across diverse networks like Solana, Polygon, Base and Ethereum. Its launch marks a significant leap towards streamlining the buying and selling process, providing comprehensive management tools, and enhancing market visibility with customizable features. As Magic Eden continues to innovate, this aggregator is poised to become a cornerstone for traders who demand efficiency, convenience, and breadth in their digital asset transactions.

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