Recently we have grown and expanded our product offering by rolling out innovative features like dynamic fees and reward tiers that are based on user activity. It has become clear that many of these features (discounted fees, Magic Eden rewards drops, and notifications) and future ones (like social features) require having a strong user identity.

The key step to enabling these features is for users to verify ownership of their wallets. Many of you will already be familiar with this process, as we have previously rolled out wallet verification, but we have now simplified this wallet verification step into a single flow.

So what changes for users? Mainly the process will be reduced to one simple flow when you connect your wallet.

Step 1: Connect Wallet

Step 2: Click "Verify Wallet" and toggle if you're using a Ledger or not

Step 3: Click 'Approve' on the 'Signature Request' pop-up on your wallet. By clicking 'Approve' you will sign a transaction that will verify that the wallet belongs to you and you'll be all set.

What happens when I connect a wallet that is part of another profile or isn't linked to my profile yet?

When switching over to a new wallet that is not yet linked to your profile, you will see the following screen:

To add this wallet to your profile click the "Link Wallet" button. To create a different profile click the "Verify new wallet" button. If you use two separate profiles then you split your points between these profiles. We highly suggest you link all your wallets to the same profile.

If you made an error:

  1. Start by going to your wallet management page

  2. Disconnect your wallet from the site

  3. Activate your main wallet in your wallet app

  4. Connect it to the site

  5. Check to see if all your wallets are in the list

  6. If you need to add a wallet to the list, set that wallet as active in your wallet app

  7. Press the "Link Wallet" button

  8. Your wallet should be linked to the same profile now

You'll now be able to navigate to your Rewards Hub, enjoy discounted fees based on your activity level, be eligible for rewards drops, get bid notifications, and more!

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