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Magic Eden Smart Contract Upgrade - NFT Auto-Delist & Offer Cancellation
Magic Eden Smart Contract Upgrade - NFT Auto-Delist & Offer Cancellation

Upgrading to ME v2 for enhanced security and smoother transactions

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Magic Eden is excited to announce the upgrade to our new and more secure smart contract, ME v2. As part of this upgrade, we will be automatically delisting NFTs listed using the old ME v1 contract and returning them to their owners' wallets. Additionally, any old offers made on NFTs will be automatically canceled. In this Help Centre article, we will address common questions about the upgrade, how it affects your listings and offers, and the steps you need to take for a seamless transition.

How to Determine if Your NFT Was Impacted

We understand that you may have questions about whether your NFTs were affected by the smart contract upgrade. Here's how you can find out:

  • Look for "Returned to Owner (ME)" in the Activities Tab: If you see this status, it means your item was listed using ME v1 and has been automatically returned to your wallet.

  • Check the Date Listed: Items listed before February 14, 2022, are most likely using ME v1. Take a moment to review your wallet for listings from mid-February or earlier.

  • Review NFT Status: If your NFT is not listed but appears in our escrow wallet "GUFc...", it was listed using ME v1.

Removing Your NFT Listing

If your NFT was delisted due to the smart contract upgrade, you can easily list it again on ME v2. Here's how:

  • Reach Out to Customer Support: While you can't delist ME v1 listed items yourself, our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you. Simply open a ticket and explain your situation.

  • Choose the option "I am a Collector > I am the Seller/Lister > I am unable to delist my NFT,": Magic Eden will promptly delist all ME v1 NFTs for you.

Re-List the NFT

Once your NFT is delisted, you can re-list it using two simple methods on Magic Eden:

  • Item-details page: Select the price and follow the steps to list your item one by one using the item-details page.

  • Profile page: Utilize the widget on the right-hand side of your profile page to list multiple items from a single collection in bulk.

Recovering Old Unaccepted Bids

We understand that you might be wondering about your old unaccepted bids made on NFTs using the ME v1 contract. Rest assured, we haven't forgotten about them! We will be returning these old offers/bids to you. Here's how to check if you have any of these old offers:

  • Visit the Offers Made Tab: Navigate to your profile and click on the Offers Made tab.

  • Filter by "ME": Use the drop-down menu to select "ME," which will filter your Offers Made tab to display your old offers.

At Magic Eden, we are committed to enhancing your NFT trading experience and ensuring the utmost security for your transactions. The ME v2 smart contract upgrade is a significant step towards achieving these goals.

If you have any further questions or encounter any issues during this transition, our customer support team is ready to assist you. Embrace the new features of ME v2, relist your NFTs, and continue exploring the enchanting world of NFTs with Magic Eden!

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