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Understanding the 'Other Items' folder on your Magic Eden Profile
Understanding the 'Other Items' folder on your Magic Eden Profile

Discover why certain items are not tradable on ME and how to address the issue.

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You may notice that some items appear in a separate folder on your Profile Page named 'Other Items'. These NFTs are not recognized as part of a collection listed on Magic Eden. This article aims to explain the potential causes for the this and provides guidance on how to address the issue.

NFT collection not listed on Magic Eden yet

If the NFT collection does not appear in the search results on Magic Eden, it means the creator(s) may need to submit a listing request through the Creator Hub. Alternatively, the listing request might still be under processing by the listings team. To resolve this, reach out to the creators and inquire about the status of the listing request.

Curated auction items without a collection

Most curated auction items do not belong to a collection initially, resulting in them appearing in this folder. If you have won an NFT from a curated auction, contact us so we can assist in creating a collection to accommodate your NFT.

NFT collection updates

If the NFT collection is already listed but certain NFTs within it still show in the 'Other Items' folder, the project creators should submit a collection update request with an up-to-date hashlist. This hashlist should include your NFT. Once the update is processed, your NFT will be verified as part of the collection.

Authenticity concerns for NFTs

Sometimes an NFT may show in the 'Other Items' folder because it could potentially be a fake. This situation often arises when the trader purchases the NFT from an untrusted source or marketplace that allows such trades. If you suspect this to be the case, it is recommended to contact the creators and request verification of the authenticity of your NFT within the collection.

Delisted collections

In rare cases, a collection may be delisted. This usually occurs when the collection or project is deemed offensive, a scam, or a potential infringement of intellectual property rights. If you encounter a delisted collection, it is essential to reach out to the creators for clarification.

If you come across an NFT in the 'Other Items' folder on Magic Eden, it is advisable to contact the creators of the NFT collection or project to determine the specific circumstances causing the status. By addressing the issue with the appropriate parties, you can gain clarity and resolve any concerns regarding the authenticity and tradeability of your NFT.

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