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Protecting Yourself from Scam Magic Tickets: Identifying and Handling Fake Airdrops
Protecting Yourself from Scam Magic Tickets: Identifying and Handling Fake Airdrops

Stay vigilant and learn how to spot fraudulent Magic Tickets to safeguard your assets

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Learn how to distinguish genuine Magic Tickets from scam attempts to protect yourself from potential financial loss. Scammers have recently intensified their phishing efforts by creating counterfeit Magic Tickets and distributing them directly to users' wallets.

These fake Magic Tickets will direct you to a scam website and prompt you to connect your wallet and 'unpack' the ticket. It's important to note that Magic Eden will NEVER ask you to pay an unpacking fee to obtain your role in Discord.

These counterfeit tickets closely resemble the genuine Magic Tickets that were airdropped to users' wallets on February 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 2022. However, it's crucial to be aware that we have not distributed any Magic Tickets since that time, as confirmed by our official Twitter statement.

This guide provides essential information to help you identify fake tickets and take appropriate action if you encounter one.

Recognizing Fake Magic Tickets

To ensure you don't fall victim to a scam, you can verify the authenticity of a Magic Ticket by examining its details on Solscan. Here's a step-by-step process to help you:

Select the NFT in Your Wallet

  • Using the example of the Phantom wallet, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the triple dots located in the corner.

  • Choose "View on Solscan."

Review Ticket Details on Solscan

A new tab will open, allowing you to examine the ticket's information. To determine if the ticket is genuine, focus on the Metadata tab and compare the Creator ID against the table below:

Ticket Tier

Creator ID







What to Do If You Have a Fake Ticket

If you determine that you possess a fake Magic Ticket, it's crucial to take prompt action. Follow these steps:

  • Dispose of the counterfeit ticket at your earliest convenience.

  • Send the NFT to a reputable community burn wallet such as Trash.sol or Burn.sol.

Obtaining a Legitimate Magic Ticket

If you're interested in acquiring a genuine Magic Ticket, please visit our platform. Explore the listings posted by fellow collectors and find the ticket that suits your preferences.

Further Learning and Safety Tips

To enhance your knowledge and ensure your safety within the Magic Eden ecosystem, we recommend visiting the following related articles:

These resources will provide additional insights and guidance to empower you in making informed decisions and protecting your assets.

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