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How to Create Your Solana Collections Watchlist
How to Create Your Solana Collections Watchlist

Stay in sync with Solana – A quick guide to never missing your favorites!

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In the dynamic world of Solana NFTs, keeping up with your favorites has never been easier. This guide is your key to creating and managing a personalized watchlist, ensuring you stay seamlessly connected to the latest and greatest collections.

Currently, watchlists is a feature only available for Solana NFT collections. Keep an eye out for updates as we work on expanding it across our cross-chain platform.

Adding collections to your watchlist

Browse and select

Explore our Solana NFT platform to discover collections that pique your interest.

Click the "add to watchlist" star

On the collection page, find the "add to watchlist" star button, a gateway to effortlessly tracking your chosen collections. This is usually in the top left of the screen.

Accessing your watchlist

Enjoy the convenience of easily accessing your curated watchlist from the home page.

Home page carousel

Upon visiting the platform's home page, spot the collections on your watchlist in a dedicated tab, this offers swift and convienient access.

Accessing your watchlist settings

Navigate to your account settings:

First, access your account settings by clicking the dropdown in the upper right of the screen.

Access watchlist settings via 'Notifications'

To tailor settings to your watchlist, navigate to the 'Notifications' section.

Floor price notifications

Under the 'Watchlists' category, enable notifications for floor price increases beyond your set threshold.

Surge notifications

Additionally, opt to receive notifications for surges in listings surpassing your designated threshold.

General tips

  • Keep your watchlist updated to align with your evolving interests.

  • For troubleshooting or additional assistance, our support team is ready to help.

Discover the joy of having curated collections at your fingertips with Solana's watchlist feature. It's your gateway to staying in sync with the latest and greatest – never miss a beat!

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