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Welcome to the New Magic Eden Collection Experience
Welcome to the New Magic Eden Collection Experience

Explore our redesigned collection page

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Today marks a remarkable milestone in the realm of Magic Eden, as we unveil our freshly revamped collection page – an embodiment of intuitive design, adaptability, and tailored experiences within the realm of Solana NFTs. Immerse yourself in the following feature highlights of our brand-new collection page.

Advanced trait filters

Switch Seamlessly Between List and Visual Displays

Enhanced analytics suite

Unearth Deeper Insights for Informed Trading Choices Prepare for a richer trading journey with amplified data insights at your fingertips:

  • Floor price

  • Cost

  • [Fresh Addition] Last secondary purchase price

  • [Fresh Addition] Minting price

  • [Fresh Addition] Highest offer price

Real-time activity stream

Witness Live Action Unfold as Markets Move Stay at the forefront of market dynamics and collection trends with a real-time activity feed that provides instant updates on movements within each collection.

Streamlined bulk listing

Effortlessly Adjust Pricing with Improved Bulk Listing Workflow

Revitalized liquidity pools

Create Pools with Unprecedented Ease Crafting liquidity pools is now a breeze – fewer clicks, simplified steps.

  • Click 'Create AMM'

  • Fine-tune your "Buy Quantity" and "Sell Quantity" via convenient sliders.

  • Opt for a "Single-Sided" approach for focused buying/selling, or orchestrate a "Double-Sided" pool for both buying and selling endeavors. Once quantities align with your vision, hit "Place Order".


For a comprehensive understanding of AMM pools, delve into this guide.

Instantaneous NFT selling

Unlock On-Demand Liquidity with a Single Click

Collection page customization

Dive into a realm of customization that empowers your trading experience:

  • Fee Visibility: Toggle fees on or off, ensuring full transparency in your transactions.

  • Marketplace Logos: Choose to display marketplace logos to track NFT listings seamlessly.

  • Royalty Preferences: Set your preferred royalty rates for a personalized touch.

  • Rarity Display: Indicate your rarity preference—Moonrank or HowRare.

  • Aggregated Stats: Access comprehensive stats aggregation for 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

Mobile mastery: Navigating anytime, anywhere

Step into a world optimized for mobile devices. Our brand-new design and layout cater specifically to offer you an unmatched mobile experience. Enjoy the fusion of form and function wherever your trading ventures take you.

A world of possibilities: Exploring new features

Discover the array of remarkable enhancements our team has crafted as part of this monumental update. Delve into the following additions that heighten your NFT journey:

  • Dynamic Component Flexibility: Toggle filters and activity components as per your needs.

  • Setting Toggle: Access an all-in-one toggle for diverse functionalities.

  • Rarity Source Options: Choose from various rarity sources to enrich your insights.

  • Comprehensive Market Price: View market prices inclusive of fees for informed decisions.

  • Price Aggregation Visualization: Witness price aggregation for different ranges at a glance.

  • Convenient Bottom Cart: Seamlessly manage your selections with a bottom cart.

  • Effortless Bulk Actions: Cancel offers, list items, and execute sales in bulk.

  • Enhanced Offer Management: Engage in an improved offer creation, editing, and viewing experience.

  • Revamped AMM Engagement: Explore an upgraded AMM creation, editing, and viewing journey.

  • Revolutionary Activity Display: Embrace side-by-side activity views—table and card formats.

  • Visual Trait Filtering: Navigate traits effortlessly with the new filter pane.

  • Rich NFT Card View: Experience NFTs in an enriched card view, complete with last sale details.

  • In-Depth NFT Table View: Gain deeper insights through additional stats—delta from floor, top offer.

  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed with enhanced real-time updates for listings, sales, and offers.

  • Coming Soon: Depth Chart: Brace for the upcoming addition of the depth chart feature.

Indulge in this upgraded journey through Magic Eden's collection page, where seamless design meets comprehensive functionality. Elevate your NFT experience today!

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