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How do I list my collection?
How do I list my collection?
Using Creator Hub to get your NFT collection listed on Magic Eden
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This article will walk you through how to apply for listing using Creator Hub, which is every creator's one-stop shop for all the things you need to do to list and update your collection.

(For listing Polygon collections, scroll to the bottom!)

Step 1: Log in to our Creator Hub with the email that you want to use to manage your collection .

Step 2: Click on Create New Collection

There will be navigation bar on the left to guide you through the rest of the process:

Step 2.1: Introduction

Select your blockchain

Select the legal authority you have for the project

If your collection supports the Metaplex Certified Collections (MCC) standard, set the toggle on and enter your Verified Collection Address (VCA)

You can get your VCA by entering the hash of one of your NFTs in Solana Explorer and copying the Verified Collection Address

If you don’t see the VCA it means that your project does not support the MCC standard.

Step 2.2: Collection

Enter the Collection Name and Collection Symbol you want to use. The symbol will be in the URL of your listing.

The symbol you submitted in Creator Hub will be used both for your collection page URL and your drop calendar page URL. For example:

Step 2.3: Details

Start by entering the description

The profile image you want to use

Enable the toggle if your collection is a derivative and provide the link to the original artwork and name of original collection. Note: this is for ANY blockchain, not just the one you are launching on.

Select up to two categories that apply to your collection

Next you will need to link your project’s Twitter account and, optionally. your discord. Note:

  • For Twitter you will need to have at least 100 followers

  • Official project-owned Twitter accounts are preferred over personal accounts, except for 1/1 artists

  • For your Discord url, avoid using vanity links. These often expire, are taken over by scammers and turned into phishing links

Once done, click on Save & Proceed to go to the next step.

Step 2.4: Hash List

Here you have 2 options depending on where your project is at.

Option 1: Review

Select Review if you want to pre-apply for us to review your collection. This also allows you to get on the drop calendar and setup your whitelist. You will only have to provide your Total Supply and your Estimated Mint Date if you have one.

Note: Mint date is needed in order for your project to show up on the mint calendar and your collection will appear on the Drop Calendar once your application is reviewed.

Option 2: Listing now

Select Listing now if your project has already started minting and you want to be listed on ME right away. You will have to provide your Total Supply and NFT Hash List

Step 2.5: Whitelist (Optional)

If you selected Review in step 2.4 and are interested in setting up a whitelist for your project click Yes. If not interested, just click No to proceed to the final step. You can find more info here on how to set up your whitelist.

Step 2.6: Submit

In this step you just have to verify all the info you entered is correct and add an optional message for the Magic Eden Listing Operations team under Anything else we should know? Then click submit!

If you made it this far, congrats! Your application will be on its way to the team for review or immediate listing!

Polygon listing process:

While we streamline our processes for listing Polygon collections, we take Polygon listing applications via form! Here's how to get the form:

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Locate the 'Creators' tab in the navigation menu

Step 2: When you click 'Apply for listing' you will be routed to an Airtable form to submit your listing application!

Or you can go directly to the form here: Polygon Listing Application

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