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How do I find my hash list?
How do I find my hash list?
Generating a hash list of NFTs in your collection
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What is a hash list?

Also called a mint list, the hash list is a file in JSON format that we use to list your NFT collection on our marketplace. It is essentially a list of all your NFT addresses.

You can use Magic Eden's mint list tool to generate and export your hash list to send:

Listing troubleshooting

If some of your listings don't appear on your collection page or are not verified, try the below steps:

  1. Hard refresh: Hit ctrl+shift+r and see if this issue persists

  2. Updating your collection: If you've recently minted new items or added items from a new Candy Machine ID since you first listed on Magic Eden, then we likely would not have the new items. If this is the case, please go to Creator Portal to update your collection.

  3. Let us know: If the issue still persists, please message us about it by chatting through the widget below.


Please wait for our final verification email prior to updating your community about your listing on Magic Eden.

Magic Eden uses their own discretion to choose what is on our home page, Discord and Twitter. This includes our upcoming launches, new collections, and popular collections sections on our homepage. We will reach out to you directly if your collection is chosen for promotion to discuss next steps.

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