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Understanding Asset Movement in Magic Eden Wallet
Understanding Asset Movement in Magic Eden Wallet

Get insights into your transactions.

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With Magic Eden's cross-chain NFT-focused wallet, you can now track asset movement in real-time. This feature gives you a transparent view of what assets are moving in or out during transactions, before signing, enhancing security and offering peace of mind.

Why this feature matters

Previously, wallet users had little visibility into the asset flow during transactions. This made it difficult to determine where assets were going and if everything was functioning correctly.

With the new transaction simulation feature, you can see which assets are involved in a transaction before you sign and it is confirmed.

How it works

The wallet simulates a transaction, showing you the flow of assets. If assets are being moved in or out, you'll know beforehand, allowing you to make informed decisions about your transactions. This feature is especially useful for those who frequently buy or sell NFTs on the Magic Eden platform.

Benefits for security and knowledge

  • Enhanced security: You can detect suspicious activity or unauthorized asset movements before committing to a transaction.

  • Increased transparency: See which assets are involved in a transaction, allowing you to confirm you're sending or receiving the correct items.

  • Reduced errors: By understanding the asset flow, you can avoid mistakes that could lead to lost assets or incorrect transactions.

The asset movement feature in Magic Eden's wallet is a significant upgrade for user security and transaction transparency. If you have questions about this feature, feel free to reach out to our support team at by clicking on the chat widget.

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