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Magic Eden Wallet: Complete Control of Your Assets
Magic Eden Wallet: Complete Control of Your Assets

Seamless control and security for your cross-chain assets and collectibles.

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Welcome to the Magic Eden Wallet guide. Here, you'll learn how our wallet provides you with full control over your assets across multiple blockchains while ensuring the highest level of security for your data.

Managing your wallet independently

With the Magic Eden Wallet, you're in complete control of your assets. Unlike traditional banks or custodial exchanges (such as Coinbase or Binance), Magic Eden doesn't hold or manage any assets on your behalf. This self-custody wallet ensures that your funds remain accessible to you even if Magic Eden is no longer in operation. You manage your assets using a 12-word secret recovery phrase and private keys generated during the wallet setup.

Understanding the 12-word secret recovery phrase and private keys

Magic Eden Wallet is designed with hierarchical deterministic (HD) principles, providing a master key (the 12-word secret recovery phrase) and private keys for each asset's address. The secret recovery phrase unlocks your entire wallet, while private keys access individual asset addresses. It's crucial to keep these keys secure and never share them. For more details on safeguarding your assets, visit our guide on security best practices.

Viewing transaction and balance information in your wallet

Magic Eden displays your transaction history and wallet balance using blockchain data. This transparency allows public access to transaction details, though identifying individual transactions requires advanced tracking. For further information, refer to the Magic Eden Privacy Policy.

Data storage and usage by Magic Eden

Wallet data visibility and storage

Magic Eden doesn't access your funds, recovery phrase, or private keys. You can encrypt this data with a password for added security. Local data is encrypted using a key derived from your recovery phrase, ensuring privacy and security.

Magic Eden further protects your data by making all synchronization files uniform in size, preventing data sniffing based on file sizes. Even Magic Eden employees cannot access your encrypted data.

Data retained by Magic Eden support

Magic Eden Support keeps records of customer interactions to improve service quality. This includes your email address and the contents of your communications. You can request access to this data, corrections if needed, or complete data deletion by contacting [email protected].

Website data collection

For details on data collected during website visits and types of data requests, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Usage and performance data

Magic Eden collects anonymous usage and performance data to enhance our applications.

Magic Eden Wallet empowers you with full control and security for your cross-chain NFT assets. For any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team by clicking on the chat widget at

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