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Finding Verified Contract and Token Addresses for EVM and Solana Custom Tokens
Finding Verified Contract and Token Addresses for EVM and Solana Custom Tokens

Ensure your Magic Eden Wallet holds secure and verified tokens.

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To fully utilize your Magic Eden Wallet, it's crucial to ensure that the tokens you add are authentic and verified. This guide provides steps on how to find verified contract addresses for Ethereum-based tokens and token addresses for Solana-based coins.

Additionally, we'll explain how to add custom tokens to your Magic Eden Wallet and share some key tips to avoid scams.

Why verified addresses matter

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, using verified addresses for contract or token codes is critical to avoid scams, errors, or other issues. Here's why:

  • Security: Verified addresses reduce the risk of interacting with fraudulent or cloned contracts.

  • Compatibility: Using correct addresses ensures that your tokens work seamlessly with your wallet and other platforms.

  • Trust: Verified addresses signify transparency, as reputable projects often have their contracts verified by blockchain explorers.

Finding verified contract addresses for EVM-based tokens

To find verified contract addresses for Ethereum and other EVM-based tokens, follow these steps:

Use blockchain explorers

Visit Etherscan for Ethereum-based tokens. Look for tokens with a green checkmark in the contract tab, indicating verification.

If using other EVM-compatible blockchains like Polygon or Base, check their respective explorers. Verification on these explorers looks the same.

Check project resources:

Visit the project's official website or social media for contract addresses. Be sure to confirm these with blockchain explorers to ensure they are correct.

Use platforms like Uniswap or Sushiswap to double-check contract addresses, but always verify with other sources.

Finding verified token addresses for Solana-based tokens

Solana tokens require a different approach. Here's how to find verified token addresses:

Use Solana blockchain explorers

Use Solscan or Solana Explorer to search for your token by name or symbol. Ensure that the token address matches the official project resources.

Look for signs of verification or reputable sources to confirm the authenticity of the token address. Solscan provides a reputation check, signified by a green checkmark next to the token name.

Official project sources

Check the project's website or social media channels. Reliable projects often list their token addresses and other information.

Double-check with Solana-based DeFi platforms like Raydium and Jupiter to ensure you're dealing with the correct address.

Adding custom tokens to your Magic Eden Wallet

Once you have the verified contract or token address, you can add custom tokens to your Magic Eden Wallet. Here's an overview of the process. For a more detailed guide, check out this article.

Accessing your assets

Click the Profile icon in the Magic Eden Wallet and select 'Assets'.

Searching for the token

Use the search bar to find your token. If it's listed, enable it by clicking the circle next to the asset, turning it into a blue checkmark. If it's not found, continue to the next step.

Initiating custom token addition

Go to the 'Custom' tab at the top right and select 'Add Custom Token'. Enter the verified contract address or token address.

Finalizing token details

Fill in the necessary information for the token and click 'Continue'. To complete the process, click 'Add Token'.

Important note on custom tokens

Always ensure the authenticity of your custom token to avoid scams. Verify the contract or token address through multiple sources and be cautious of spoofed coins.

Finding and using verified contract and token addresses is essential for safe and secure transactions in your Magic Eden Wallet. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, reach out to our support team through the chat widget. We're here to help you navigate the world of custom tokens with confidence.

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