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Recovering Runes Sent to a Bitcoin Payment Address in Magic Eden Wallet
Recovering Runes Sent to a Bitcoin Payment Address in Magic Eden Wallet

Follow these steps to recover your Runes using Unisat Wallet.

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If you accidentally sent Runes to your Bitcoin payment address in the Magic Eden wallet, there's a way to recover them using an alternative wallet provider. This guide will walk you through the steps to retrieve your Runes.

Please note that this solution is valid only if you are using Account 1 in your Magic Eden wallet. If you are using other accounts, please contact Magic Eden support for further assistance.

Step-by-step guide to recovering Runes

Install Unisat wallet

Visit Unisat's official website to download and install the Unisat Wallet on your device. Make sure you have the latest version for optimal performance.

Note that Unisat may update their wallet, potentially altering this process. Always review all the transactions you sign and check with their support team if you have any questions.

Import your 12-word secret phrase

Import your Magic Eden Wallet's 12-word secret phrase into Unisat. This process synchronizes your Magic Eden wallet with Unisat and ensures a secure connection.

Identify the Rune in your Bitcoin payment wallet

Once your wallets are synced, locate the Rune in your Bitcoin payment wallet.

If the Rune is in the payment wallet, it will be in the Native Segwit address, which starts with 'bc1q'. It may also be in the Nested Segwit address, depending on whether you imported the wallet.

Copy your Ordinals & Runes (Taproot) address from the Magic Eden wallet by clicking on the receive button.

Initiate the Runes transfer

In Unisat, select the Rune in your payment wallet, click 'Send', and paste your Ordinals & Runes Taproot address as the recipient. Set the transaction fee, and confirm the transfer by clicking 'send'. Ensure your payment wallet has enough Bitcoin to cover the transaction fee.

Confirm the transaction

After initiating the transfer, check your Ordinals & Runes (Taproot) wallet after the appropriate number of confirmations. Once the transaction is confirmed, your Runes should be securely stored in your Taproot wallet. You should now see the Rune in your portfolio.

Verify the recovery on Magic Eden and in Magic Eden Wallet

To confirm the recovery, connect to Magic Eden and check your portfolio to ensure the Rune is showing in your balance. Alternatively, you can view it without connecting by visiting the following URL:<your-ordinals-and-runes-address-here>

You can also verify the Runes' presence within the Magic Eden wallet in the assets section.

Following these steps should help you recover Runes accidentally sent to your Bitcoin payment address in the Magic Eden wallet. If you have questions or require further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team by clicking on the chat widget at

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