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Retrieving Bitcoin Sent to your Ordinals (Taproot) Wallet using Unisat
Retrieving Bitcoin Sent to your Ordinals (Taproot) Wallet using Unisat

Seamlessly recover Bitcoin sent to Taproot (Ordinals) wallet using Unisat.

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Accidentally sending Bitcoin to a Taproot (Ordinals) wallet can be concerning, but fear not! This guide will walk you through the process of retrieving those funds using the Unisat wallet. Magic Eden Wallet users can follow these steps to ensure a smooth recovery.

Understand the situation

If you've mistakenly sent Bitcoin to a Taproot (Ordinals Address), Magic Eden Wallet won't allow direct transfer back to your payment wallet for security reasons. This guide introduces Unisat as the solution, facilitating movement between different Bitcoin wallets associated with the seed.

Export seed phrase from Magic Eden Wallet

Navigate to the profile tab in the Magic Eden Wallet.

Click on the 'Security' button.

Within security settings, select 'Back Up'.

Enter your password to reveal the Recovery Phrase.

Note down the 12-word phrase, essential for importing into Unisat Wallet.

Install Unisat wallet

Download and install Unisat Wallet from here. Upon starting, choose 'I already have a wallet.'

Set up a password for Unisat wallet.

When prompted for the wallet type, select 'Other wallet' and input your Magic Eden Wallet's 12-word phrase.

Unisat will display all wallet addresses associated with the seed, along with their respective Bitcoin amounts.

Confirm addresses and security

Verify your wallet addresses using a block explorer like to view the accidental send transaction.

Review and confirm Unisat's security warning. If you have any questions about the status of your Ordinals during transfers, reach out directly to Unisat.

Important Note:
Magic Eden Wallet uses the Native Segwit (P2WPKH) address for the Payments Wallet (starting with bc1q), and the Taproot (P2TR) address for the Ordinals wallet (starting with bc1p).

Accessing Taproot (Ordinals) Wallet in Unisat

In Unisat, click on the settings tab.

Select 'Address Type.'

Choose the Taproot wallet.

Sending Bitcoin back to payment wallet

Head back to Magic Eden Wallet and copy the Bitcoin address (starting with bc1q).

In Unisat, from your Taproot (Ordinals) address, send the Bitcoin back to your Magic Eden payment wallet address, ensuring you have enough Bitcoin to cover the fee.

By following these steps, you've successfully retrieved Bitcoin sent to your Taproot (Ordinals) wallet. For any questions or concerns, reach out to our support team. Your Magic Eden Wallet and Unisat integration make the recovery process seamless.

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