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Enhancing Bitcoin Ordinals Collection Page Thumbnails
Enhancing Bitcoin Ordinals Collection Page Thumbnails

Empower your creations with customizable collection page thumbnails.

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In our continuous effort to enhance the creator experience on Magic Eden Bitcoin, we've introduced a feature that allows creators to override the collection page thumbnail image. This enhancement provides greater flexibility and control, particularly beneficial for content-rich items where automatic thumbnail generation may fall short or where specific thumbnail requirements exist.

Overriding collection page thumbnail images

Creators now have the capability to replace the default collection page thumbnail image without affecting the rendering of item details pages. This feature enables a performant collection page while still showcasing original content accurately on individual item details pages.

Onchain label persistence

Importantly, despite the override of the collection page thumbnail image, onchain labels will continue to display seamlessly on the item details page, ensuring crucial information remains accessible to users.

Enabling the feature

To enable this feature, creators need to utilize the collection_page_img_url parameter instead of high_res_img_url when listing collections. Below is an example structure demonstrating how to incorporate this feature into your listings:

"id": "0f626bcfc3a33e8afd69a570f1dd65bf4201d3454cc07bb2d2f972db28b03a9bi0",
"meta": {
"name": "Bitcoin Bandit #1",
"collection_page_img_url": "https://collection_img.png",
"attributes": [
"trait_type": "Clan",
"value": "Aoi"
"trait_type": "Class",
"value": "Warrior"
// Additional items follow the same structure

Important Note:
If both the "collection_page_img_url" and "high_res_img_url" fields are set, the "collection_page_img_url" will always take precedence on the collection page, while "high_res_img_url" will be utilized elsewhere.

With the ability to override collection page thumbnail images, creators can now curate a visually compelling storefront while maintaining the integrity of individual item details pages. Empower your creations with this customizable feature on Magic Eden Bitcoin.

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