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Unveiling the Unique Traits of Solmaps: A Community-Driven Canvas
Unveiling the Unique Traits of Solmaps: A Community-Driven Canvas

Explore the diverse world of Solmaps as we delve into the distinctive traits shaping the decentralized metaverse on Solana.

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Solmaps, at the intersection of blockchain innovation and artistic expression, is set to redefine digital ownership on Solana's blockchain. In this article, we will embark on a journey into the traits that make each Solmap plot a canvas for creativity and a testament to community-driven development.

Standard traits: An overview

Just like Bitcoin's Bitmaps, Solmaps introduces initial traits that add distinct characteristics to each unique plot. The development and maintenance of these traits are collaborative efforts within the community, reflecting the essence of decentralized creativity. Let's explore the initial set of standard traits that contribute to the diversity of the Solmaps collection.

Number of digits

This trait signifies the number of digits in the Solmap inscription, adding a numeric uniqueness to each plot. For instance, "1.solmap" with a single digit, "21.solmap" with two digits, and "543.solmap" with three digits showcase the varied possibilities within the Solmaps collection. The exploration of different digit counts contributes to the richness and diversity of this unique canvas.

Same digits

The "Same Digits'' trait introduces a distinct visual pattern by requiring all digits within the Solmap inscription to be identical. An example like "777.solmap," where all three digits are the same, stands out through numerical consistency. This trait not only adds a creative element but also makes certain Solmaps visually unique, creating an intriguing pattern within the collection.

Palindrome digits

Adding a layer of symmetry to Solmap inscriptions, the "Palindrome Digits" trait involves having a sequence of digits that reads the same backward as forward. For example, "101101.solmap" forms a palindrome, where the sequence of digits is identical when read in either direction. This trait contributes to visually intriguing and unique patterns, making each Solmap a work of art in its own right.

New additions: Expanding the repertoire

As the Solmaps community evolves, new traits are introduced to further enrich the creative landscape. Here are the latest additions that bring additional depth and diversity to the Solmaps collection.

Club: SubXXk

The "Club: subXXk" trait introduces an element of exclusivity, highlighting Solmaps with a specific numerical range. This trait enhances the uniqueness of each plot, creating clubs within the Solmaps community based on the inscription's value falling within a designated range.

Fibonacci number

The "Fibonacci Number" trait introduces a mathematical elegance to Solmaps, featuring inscriptions that follow the Fibonacci sequence. This trait adds a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing element to the Solmaps collection, showcasing plots with inscription values derived from this renowned mathematical sequence.

Prime number

The "Prime Number" trait celebrates the beauty of prime numbers within Solmaps. Plots with inscriptions representing prime numbers stand out, adding a layer of mathematical significance to the collection. This trait highlights the intersection of mathematical precision and artistic expression within Solmaps.


The "Sequential" trait brings a sense of order to the Solmaps collection. Plots with inscriptions following a sequential numerical order are grouped within this trait (eg. 123.solmap). This trait invites users to explore the evolving story told through the progression of Solmap inscriptions.


The "Year" trait introduces a temporal dimension to Solmaps, incorporating inscriptions that represent slots from specific years. Each Solmap becomes a timestamp within the decentralized metaverse, capturing a moment in time. This trait adds a historical and chronological aspect to the Solmaps collection, allowing users to explore the rich tapestry of Solana's history.


A noteworthy addition to the evolving traits of Solmaps is the introduction of the "Pure" trait. This trait uniquely emphasizes slots with zero transactions, creating a distinct category within the Solmaps collection. Plots with the "Pure" trait hold a special place, reflecting the untouched and pristine nature of these slots. This trait not only adds a layer of rarity to the collection but also sparks curiosity about the untapped potential each untouched slot possesses.

Transaction number

Adding a dynamic dimension to the Solmaps landscape, the "Transaction Number" trait introduces variability based on the number of transactions a slot has undergone. Solmaps can now be categorized into sub-ranges such as "sub 10," "sub 100," "sub 1k," and "sub 10k," depending on the volume of transactions.

Total value transacted

The Solmaps collection expands its horizons with the introduction of the "Total value transacted" trait. This trait categorizes slots based on the cumulative value transacted within them, creating sub-ranges such as "sub 1SOL," "sub 10SOL," and beyond. This trait highlights the economic significance of each slot.

Solmaps, with its evolving traits and community-driven ethos, stands as more than just an NFT project. It is a canvas for creativity, a plot waiting to tell a story, and a community-driven initiative where every slot holds the potential for something extraordinary. Join the movement, explore the endless possibilities, and shape the decentralized metaverse of tomorrow through Solmaps.

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