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Ensuring Price Accuracy: Magic Eden's Floor Price Warning System
Ensuring Price Accuracy: Magic Eden's Floor Price Warning System

Empowering users with smart pricing alerts for a seamless NFT experience

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Magic Eden is committed to providing a secure and user-friendly NFT trading environment. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and prevent inadvertent errors, we have implemented a robust 'floor price warning' system. This system is designed to safeguard users when listing NFTs on Solana or Bitcoin Ordinals, with plans to extend its reach to EVM chains like Polygon and Ethereum.

What is the floor price warning?

The floor price warning is a proactive measure to protect users from unintentional mistakes when setting the listing price for their NFTs. This feature comes into play specifically when users attempt to list their NFTs below the current floor price on Solana or Bitcoin Ordinals.

How does it work?

When users enter a price below the floor value, a warning prompt will appear, ensuring they are aware of their decision. This warning is prominently displayed in orange, making it easily noticeable. Importantly, the warning provides users with the exact percentage by which they are listing below the floor price.

Why the floor price warning matters

Preventing costly errors

By displaying a clear warning message, Magic Eden helps users avoid unintentional financial losses that may result from listing NFTs below the market floor. This ensures that pricing decisions are deliberate and well-informed.

Promoting user confidence

Knowing that there is a safety net in place builds trust among our users. The floor price warning demonstrates our commitment to their success and financial security within the Magic Eden platform.

Expansion to EVM chains

Excitingly, Magic Eden is actively working on incorporating the floor price warning system into EVM chains, including Polygon, Base and Ethereum. This expansion will bring the same level of protection and user empowerment to a broader range of blockchain networks, ensuring a consistent and secure experience across all supported platforms.

At Magic Eden, we believe in empowering our users with tools that enhance their trading experience and protect their assets. The floor price warning system is a testament to our commitment to user satisfaction, security, and the continual improvement of our platform. As we expand this feature to additional chains, we aim to set new standards for secure and user-friendly NFT marketplaces.

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